Whether you are relocating from the Northeast for your retirement years or a born and bred North Carolinian, your choice to build a dream home at the premier North Carolina golf community, Belmont Lakes Preserve puts you in one of the fastest growing cities state wide as historic Rocky Mount NC combines its proud lineage from days gone by with the scenic beauty of the present to preserve the legacy of one of the Tar Heel State’s most storied locations.

Rustic Reminders

Steeped in a rich history, Rocky Mount NC pays tribute to the city’s proud beginnings in a variety of ways. Taking a stroll down the scenic Tar River Trail can give you a look into the city’s storied military past as you pass by Battle Park and Panther Island as well as their railroad heritage as you bypass the railroad trestle that was once part of the longest railway in the United States.

The man made City Lake has stood since 1933 as a beautiful reminder of the past as well, with a lighted fountain, wildlife island, gazebo, and observation decks being added over the years to enhance its beauty.

A “Dream” that Lives On

Adding not only to the countless outdoor attractions in Rocky Mount but also recalling the city’s tie to one of the most famous speeches in American history is Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

Prompting the dedication of the park to the legendary Civil Rights trailblazer, was when Dr. King spoke before a crowd of nearly 2,000 at the Booker T. Washington High School gymnasium in Rocky Mount on November 27, 1962, uttering the now fabled words, “I Have a Dream” among many other pieces of his landmark address given nine months later at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. as a part of the “March on Washington.”

The spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed in Rocky Mount NC, most of which blends the city’s historic past with it’s bright future shows just one of many ways that the members of the local community and city officials alike share in “dreams” like Dr. King spoke of that November night in 1962. Continuing to work hard to beautify and create more history as they bring Rocky Mount NC into the future will continue to make such dreams come true.

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In addition to listing the top five home design trends for 2015, the piece also touches on a few from last year that have become a bit outdated that you may want to steer clear of when building new homes in North Carolina as well. Starting with the top five hot home design trends, was gold fixtures, which placed number one on the list originally published in the “2015 Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast” report. Alex Fiander of explained the top ranking, saying that gold fixtures are a “retro statement hardware color that will make a comeback in 2015 with a new modern twist: bright gold with a sleek finish for extra shine.” Moving along to the second trend, cowhide, it was explained that, “Cowhide is the ideal accent texture for 2015’s modern, yet approachable design aesthetic. Elements of cowhide will find their way into pillows, rugs, throw blankets and even artwork this coming year.” For trend number three on the list, Zillow Digs designer, Jamie Beckwith noted, “Wallpaper is coming back in a big way,” going on to say that all types of prints and textures were seeing a rebirth heading into the new year. Rounding out the top five were “Blue Accent Colors” at number four and “modern/mid-century modern elements” in both furniture and architectural choices.

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