Rocky Mount Brewery

With the development of the Rocky Mount Brewmill property bringing a wave of new economic development and breathing new life into the area on many business and residential fronts, the Sweet Taters Restaurant and Brewery is moving right along in their remodeling and renovation process, just minutes from the premier NC golf and retirement community, Belmont Lake Preserve, with a tentative Spring 2016 grand opening date set for what will be the second new Rocky Mount Brewery.

With all local roots, it is a perfect fit that Sweet Taters would select site of the former Rocky Mount Mills as the location for their Rocky Mount Brewery. The soon-to-be- opened, family run sandwich shop and brewery is rooted in the local farming community and will occupy the 2,100 square foot former mill house at 1121 Fall Road in Rocky Mount.

Once remodeled it is expected that the newest Rocky Mount Brewery will feature a cozy ambience, complete with several original fireplaces that will be reworked for a comfortable setting in the winter, with both front and back porch seating and dining available in the warmer months as well. They will also have areas for live music and entertainment, in addition to large televisions for viewing sporting events, and outdoor games that the entire family can enjoy.

With the majority of the Sweet Taters team growing up in the Zebulon area and spending many years locally in the community, the business manager for the Rocky Mount Brewery, Chris Flora spoke with excitement about getting the project off the ground and doing so in Rocky Mount. “The Rocky Mount Brewmill is a truly unique location with tremendous potential. What better place to work than at this historic site with these amazing buildings, looking out over the Tar River?” Continuing, Flora spoke of his excitement with the entire Brewmill project.  “We have also been extremely impressed with the vision of the Brewmill team.”

Speaking further on the local assets the new Rocky Mount Brewery will be afforded, Flora also noted the plan to utilize the local farming community at Sweet Taters, saying, “Wherever possible, we’re sourcing our ingredients for both our food and our beer from local and organic producers. After all, the Rocky Mount Farmer’s Market is just a quick walk up the street!”

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Economic Development in Rocky Mount

With an influx of new businesses and industry in the area, none may have a larger positive impact on the local economy than a merger that has taken place right across the street form your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community, as the recent acquisition of Hospira by Pfizer figures to have huge implications on the Economic Development in Rocky Mount.

A recent article in the Triangle Business Journal by staff writer, Jason deBruyn, detailed the impact that the Pfizer purchase will have on Economic Development in Rocky Mount. The piece, titled “What Pfizer-Allergan means for manufacturing in Rocky Mount,” explains that the merger between Pfizer and Allergan, combined with the purchase of the Rocky Mount plant that employs about 3,000 workers, will make the group the largest pharmaceutical drug maker in the world.

Krista Ikirt, the Vice President of the Carolina Gateway Partnership, which is a recruitment agency dedicated to the Economic Development in Rocky Mount as well as all of Nash and Edgecombe counties, noted in the article, “It’s been very important to our community.” She continued, speaking on the long-term impact the purchase will have on Economic Development in Rocky Mount, adding, “I don’t think any business makes that kind of investment and then thinks about getting rid of it…we just hope that they continue to invest in the Rocky Mount plant.”

Echoing Ikirt’s enthusiasm toward the acquisition of Hospira upon the finalized agreement this fall, Pfizer Chairman and CEO released the following statement, “We are pleased that Hospira, the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies and a global leader in biosimilars, is now part of Pfizer. We want to welcome our new Hospira colleagues to Pfizer. We are excited to add their talents and proud of the shared commitment of all Pfizer colleagues to serving patients worldwide.”

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Craft Brewery in Rocky Mount

Founded in 2014 and aiming to provide “high quality, interesting, and delicious craft beer,” the first ever Craft Brewery in Rocky Mount, Koi Pond Brewing Company has officially opened its doors for business at 1107 Falls Road, just minutes away from your new home at the premier NC golf community, Belmont Lake Preserve.

What began as a request from a friend and eventually turned into a hobby for Koi Pond founder, Eric Ghiloni has resulted in the opening of the first Craft Brewery in Rocky Mount after said hobby became more of a passion and the responses from those tasting his product were increasingly positive.

Ghiloni explains on the official website of the Craft Brewery in Rocky Mount, “I had a friend, Jeff May, who asked me to make some beer. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to try something new, s I bought a homebrew kit and made up a batch.” He continued, “Jeff told me the brew was the best he’d ever had for a beginner. My mind raced with enthusiasm and ideas, from the single, heartfelt compliment.”

The rest of the story, as they say, “is history,” as Eric continued his exploration into the world of brewing and for more than a year began developing recipes that would include much of what you can expect to find at the new Craft Brewery in Rocky Mount. He would encourage his friends to taste the vast catalog of Indian Pale Ale’s(IPA’s), Witbiers, Stouts, and other tasty selections he created, basing his next moves on the essential feedback he received from them.

“The response has been overwhelming,” he noted. “There is a strong foundation for support of products like these in Rocky Mount, and an even stronger desire to see local businesses start up and become part of the action.”

The name, which was decided upon for the first ever, Craft Brewery in Rocky Mount, Koi Pond Brewing Company, comes from very deep and personal reasoning from Ghiloni. “I literally wear my life and heart on my sleeve,” he said in explaining how the name was decided upon as he has two koi fish tattooed on his arm representing each of his two sons. “My two sons…are responsible for the greatest joy in my life and provide the harmony, symbolic to many with Koi, that each of needs to succeed and do good.”

After opening production several months back at their production and bottling facility on South Grace Street near downtown, Rocky Mount’s first ever Craft Brewery opened it’s doors on January 3 and along with his wife, Mary and long-time friends and partners in Koi Pond, Matthew and Deborah Sperati they look forward to helping with the growth of the local business community.

“There is plenty of opportunity out there, especially in the Rocky Mount area.” My partners and I want to see Koi Pond grow, and we also want to see the establishment of other local breweries and supporting businesses.”

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