North Carolina Living at Belmont Lake Preserve: The Top Ten Things to Love About Rocky Mount

North Carolina Living

The incredible amenities and convenient location of the premier NC golf and retirement community, Belmont Lake Preserve is complimented perfectly by the rich history and picturesque parks and outdoor scenery of the city of Rocky Mount. Local blogsite, the “Rocky Mount Review” recently gave a detailed reminder of all the fantastic North Carolina Living to be done in the city, as they chronicled their “Top Ten Things to Love About Rocky Mount, NC.”

North Carolina Living

The “hometown feel” of beautiful downtown Rocky Mount

One thing that continuously draws folks looking to retire or relocate and enjoy North Carolina Living is the growth and expansion in the state. Number 10 on the “Review’s” list spoke to this as they talked the revitalization of that “hometown feel” and of Downtown Rocky Mount’s New Beginnings. Ninth on the list was the low cost of living that residents can enjoy in Rocky Mount, allowing you to experience said North Carolina Living at much lesser of an expense than the more pricey alternatives state wide in places like Raleigh or Charlotte.

Rocky Mount Mills, which is a piece of Rocky Mount history that has undergone a drastic revamping that includes craft breweries and renovated housing on the storied Tar River site checks in at number eight on the blog’s list, while nearby Edgecombe and Nash Community Colleges, as well as Belmont Lake Preserve’s neighboring North Carolina Wesleyan College and the city’s array of educational opportunities is number seven.

Retire in North Carolina

NC Wesleyan College is one of many educational opportunities you have in Rocky Mount

Heading toward the Top Five reasons to love North Carolina Living in Rocky Mount, the sixth entry on the chart is the natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities in Rocky Mount. Along with the breathtaking landscape that is Battle Park or the Tar River Trail, number five on the list also plays into this spectacular scenery, as it is the city’s gorgeous architecture.

The artistic endeavors at the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences in downtown Rocky Mount is the third reason listed that will make you fall in love with the city’s North Carolina Living and the hard working city officials, alongside community members and law enforcement driving the area’s crime rate to its lowest in almost 40 years is the third entry on the list.

Another piece of American history takes the number two spot on the list, as the positive strides toward racial equality which had some early beginnings right in Rocky Mount, as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech actually was debuted in the city before it ever became the iconic symbol of the movement. Lastly, the number one reason to love the North Carolina Living in Rocky Mount is the people. The outgoing, friendly, and welcoming community spirit in the town is second to none and once you have come to see for yourself what “southern hospitality” in Rocky Mount is all about, you to will be proud to call yourself a member of this community and to call the city and Belmont Lake Preserve your home.