North Carolina Outdoor Living : Exploring the Rocky Mount NC Bike Trails

North Carolina Outdoor Living

With the month of May is known across the United States as “National Bike Month,” the array of Rocky Mount NC Bike Trails give you a glimpse of the incredible North Carolina Outdoor Living options give you a way to recognize this celebrated month as well as keep fit and enjoy some beautiful scenery all with in minutes of your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community.

The League of American Bicyclists established “National Bike Month” in 1956, with the premise that each May, the public be educated on the benefits of cycling, either for exercise, pleasure, or transportation. The North Carolina Outdoor Living options in Rocky Mount are plentiful, especially when it come to biking, as there are no fewer than five distinct parks and designated trails that specifically cater to those pedaling about. These not only give you a nice surface to ride on, but also allow you to enjoy North Carolina Outdoor Living with the scenic and historic backdrop that is Rocky Mount NC. The five pathways in Rocky Mount include:

  • Battle Park

    North Carolina Outdoor Living

    There are many winding trails that lead you through Battle Park

The largest park in the city of Rocky Mount is centered around the “falls of the Tar River.” A sprawling 57 acres in size, Battle Park once was a prime hunting and fishing ground for the native Tuscarora Indians. Those days have passed, however, the opportunity to enjoy North Carolina Outdoor Living is plentiful here, with biking and walking trails curving through the park and leading to picnic areas, a boat ramp, several fishing piers, and a gazebo

  • Sunset Park
North Carolin Outdoor Living

The beautiful scenery at Sunset Park

The city of Rocky Mount’s main park, complete with a carousel, a spray park, a boat ramp, picnic areas, tennis and basketball courts, and a skate park also offers a unique and beautiful landscape view of North Carolina Outdoor Living while you pedal your way around the trails weaving through and around the park.


  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

Many historians feel that the first uttering of Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream”phrase took place right in Rocky Mount at a public speaking engagement just a short time before his now iconic speech that took place on the steps onf the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.. This historic park honoring the Civil Rights leader has a bike/waliking pathway surrounding it and among its 28.42 acres also features a playground, swings, and recreational fields.

  • The Raised Walking and Biking Path

On the way out of Sunset Park, from this wooden path you get a spectacular look at the wetland habitat along Rocky Mount’s Tar River.

  • Rocky Mount Pedestrian Bridge (Pictured at Top)

One of the longest wooden structures of its kind in the entire United States. The pedestrian bridge also crosse over the Tar River as you ride out of Battle Park.

Celebrate National Bike Month and enjoy the great scenic landscapes and history while taking in all the North Carolina Outdoor Living that Rocky Mount NC has to offer all month long and throughout the summer months. For a comprehensive guide and more details of these etrails and all of the parks in the city, visit