More Selections and More Variety at the Best Restaurants in Rocky Mount


In the first of our three-post series covering the “top ten” Restaurants in Rocky Mount, we saw somewhat of a theme. With seafood, Mexican, Italian, and diner/comfort food establishments in the four covered to this point, we will see much of the same as we look at the next three eateries on our list. Once again, each of these is just minutes from Belmont Lake Preserve and have ranked among the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount based upon actual customer reviews.

The Best Restaurants in Rocky Mount: The Far South, the Sea, and a Familiar Face Bring Us into the “Top Five!”

Variety, variety, variety. It’s a great thing when the choice is all yours. This is especially true when you are hungry. Thus, it is as easy as hopping in the car and making a choice of Caribbean fare, fresh seafood, or giving the owner of a known favorite a try in a different venue. Well, no that we read that last sentence back, maybe that is not so easy of a choice when it comes to deciding between several of the best Restaurants in Rocky Mount. We stand corrected that it is not so easy to pick, however, we stand by the fact that it is a really good problem to have so many incredible eateries so close to BLP.

6- Taste of Paradise

No question, with all of the spots listed you just can’t go wrong. However, the delicious Caribbean options at Taste of Paradise comes in at number six. As one happy reviewer explains, if you are looking for authentic and delicious, look no further than 101 Atlantic Avenue here in Rocky Mount.

“Best Jamaican food in town,” the first reviewer gushes. “Everything in there tastes great. The people in there are friendly and overall the place gives you a cozy feeling.” Backing these sentiments was a second reviewer in support of this as a top Restaurants in Rocky Mount. 

“The food is incredible,” the review starts. “I’m a vegetarian. PLENTY of options to go around. All are fresh, savory, and perfectly spiced.” They conclude, “You can’t beat the prices. Definitely check it out!”

5- Tasty Crab House

The Tasty Crab House differs from the seafood restaurant in our previous post mostly in preparation. This of our Restaurants in Rocky Mount specializes in “delicious, finger-lickin’ New Orleans Cajun-style boiled seafood.”

Looking to create the most customer-friendly experience possible, they’re known for “build-your-own- seafood platters. This allows you to “mix and match” options including snow crab legs, shrimp, lobster, and more. How spicy is your call to, as they offer four options for how much seasoning goes on. 

These same flavors are very popular here on chicken wings. Consequently, even the signature sides including hush puppies, “Cajun” fries and traditional Cajun sides like boiled eggs and corn on the cob are big factors in this spot reaching the top five Restaurants in Rocky Mount.

4- The Tap at 1918

Moving along in the “top five,” fourth place in our top Restaurants in Rocky Mount finds us art The Tap at 1918. The atmosphere is amazing for starters, as it resides in a former 100-year old restored cotton mill, giving you unique addition to your dining spots.

Self-titled “Eastern North Carolina’s only Modern Gastropub,” they specialize in smoking, in-house brining, pickling, as well as curing charcuterie execution. They also have twenty local micro-brews on tap. The owner, Lou Reda is no stranger to great Rocky Mount eating venues for sure.. Actually, this may not be the last we see of him in our blog series as his other restaurant has been one of the city’s most popular for years.

I think about all that can be said about our number four spot on the Restaurants in Rocky Mount was captured in the following review. “No question one of the BEST restaurants in the country. If you have not been here, make the trip.” They went on, “This meal was the reflection of a genius in the form of an artist… Truly no words to capture the full essence of what I just experienced.”

Restaurants in Rocky Mount: On to the Top Three!!!

This brings us to the conclusion of the second post in our series of three documenting the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount. Amazingly, numbers, three, two, and one continue the theme of variety in specialties, which we all can agree is nothing but a good thing! 

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