Transforming Space In Your Place: Bonus Room Trends


In the first article of this series, we looked at a few Bonus Room Trends that are popular heading into 2020. We will continue along in this, our second of a three posts on popular Bonus Room Trends for this year. These trends which were brought about by the experts at will include 4 new ideas. Our remaining suggestions set to be included in our third and final post of the series in the near future.

To read the first article from this series that was posted last month, follow this link below to the Belmont Lake Preserve blog.

Belmont Lake Preserve Blog- Bonus Room Ideas for 2020- February 13, 2020

Using your bonus space for a personal gym is a popular idea.

No Excuses: Bonus Room Trends to Increase Strength and Stamina Right at Home

How many of us are always thinking, “I’ve got to get myself in shape?” It sure is easy to find an excuse, however, to not go to the local gym. Am I right? Well, with the next of our Bonus Room Options, there are no more excuses about commuting or not liking to work out at the gym. This is because next on our Bonus Room Options is a home gym.

Now, no one expects a “state-of-the-art” professional athletics team workout facility in your spare room. By a home gym, this idea from our Bonus RoomOptions can be catered to your needs. Whether a treadmill or some type of cardio machine, weights, mats for yoga, or whatever ou choose, your home gym can be as much or little as you choose. The addition of a mirror on the wall, a teevision, and a fan or two to keep it cool in your “home gym,” is all you need to get that exercise and put your bonus space to great use, too.

From a “Work” Out to “Play” Time: A Space Just for the Kids!

Ok, so the next of our Bonus Room Options is one that could solve a problem that any young family can relate to. That problem would be clutter…and not just any clutter. Toys, stuffed animals, games, books, and so on…are you following me yet? That’s right, this option is for the little ones, and with a little creativity, your bonus room can be their fun, new playroom.

It is certainly not strange for families with young children to have a designated room for toys and such. As a matter of fact, just ask anyone who has repeatedly stepped on a LEGO their thoughts on this! In addition to keeping down the clutter to just one room, you can also make them a fun room all their own. Also Bonus Room Options is in the case of having company over, you can simply keep the playroom door shut and that mess of toys and the like that you dread picking up again is out of sight.

Transforming your extra room into an art studio can be done in a variety of ways while encouraging you and your family’s creative side.

Color and Creativity Await with the Next Option

Time to let those “creative juices” flow with our next entry from the Bonus Room Options. An art studio is a room that can be enjoyed by all ages of members of your household. Again, like the “home gym” you can as far or as simple as you’d like on this one. It is after all, your own personal art space.

That being said, you could go as simple as adding a few easels with art supplies and storage. Remember, an art studio is going to have its messy moments. Thus, an option is to think of replacing the floor with lineoleum or vinyl that looks cleans easy. Once again, the possibilities are endless with this project for our Bonus Room Options. This room could be used for leisurely painting or art you work on. It also could be used for the kids school projects and the like.

A “Twist” on the Trends Takes a “Dirty” Turn

This next of our Bonus Room Options is one for the resident green thumb. I’d reccomend that with in this space there is a sink, as it could be helpful in a few ways. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this room would be for plants and gardening.

What is a “green” or “gardening” room you ask? Well, it is what it sounds like. Its a place to complete gardening tasks such as repotting your plants. What is the convenience of having an indoor space for this, you ask? Well, first and foremost, you eliminate a need for transporting them. Keep all your gardening tools on hand and utilize the sink to rinse fresh fruits and veggies you pick. Even make a centerpiece with your fresh-grown flowers.

Do You Prefer to Work? Play? Rest?…We got the Bonus Room Idea to fit Your Needs Coming Up Soon!

Our next blog post will be the final one in this series on Bonus Room Trends. In that piece, we will discuss and detail our final four Bonus Room options. Much like those in this article, there are an array of different choices depending on personal tastes. In our third and final piece, we will look at ideas for a musician, a “book worm, “ or a visitor!

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