Burger Joints in NC That are Well Worth the Drive


Now that you’ve relocated to Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, you are becoming accustomed to the “Carolina Way.” Not that it is a huge change. Just certain things, places, and tastes that everyone seems to want to tell you about. For good reason, mind you, as the Carolina-style BBQ is fantastic, as are Krispy Kreme donuts, Bojangles biscuits and sweet tea, and plenty of other NC delicacies and classics. But sometimes, you just want a great burger. If you’re like me, many times you would like a great burger. Now, you can always grab some fast food or try a local spot, but for the true burger enthusiast, the listing below is 5 “can’t miss” Burger Joints in NC, you have to try. 

As you are well aware, your new home in Rocky Mount places you in a prime location to basically anywhere across the state. Now, obviously, you aren’t going to take a drive for a few hours with the kids one night after school for a burger. However, I don’t think anyone familiar with these Burger Joints in NC would fault you for such a “burger-seeking” mission. But, with some planning and centering around a day or weekend trip, if you love burgers and you now are an NC resident, you almost have to give these a try at some point.

Best Burger Joints in NC: Special Places and Their Special Tastes

Ok, let’s be straight upfront with you. There are many great Burger Joints in NC and may of which I’m sure are not listed here. That being said, we are always open to try any patty referred to as a “great burger.” We are by no means meaning to disclude anyone, however, you certainly cannot go wrong on a “perfect burger search” when the Burger Joints in NC listed below are your destination

Johnson’s Drive-In, Siler City

Siler City and Johnson’s Drive-In are just about an hour’s drive away from your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve community. Scratch what I said about not going here on some weeknight. This one is worth it! Many people consider Johnson’s signature “Velvet Burger” to be the best of at any of the Burger Joints in NC. We can’t really argue. Serving mouth-watering burgers since 1946, this place is truly a throwback to great times and great food, too.

Brooks’ Sandwich House, Charlotte

Okay, so this one is a little further away, but you are “true tar heel blue” now, living in NC, so at some point worth the journey. Much like Johnson’s above, this is one of the many NC Burger Joints that just never changed. No frills, no-nonsense, just a killer cheeseburger, and similar type sandwiches and food. The bacon or chili topped burger is always a favorite at Brooks’. Just remember that this is a cash-only establishment and they are open Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

Melvin’s, Elizabethtown

Another on our list of best Burger Joints in NC and another classic establishment. Melvin’s initially opened their doors in 1938 and for almost 80 years have been flipping some of the tastiest burgers statewide. This iconic burger joint is not even two hours from your new home in Rocky Mount.But with Melvin’s call it what you will. Basic, historic, “old school,” whatever, but for the better part of a century, these burgers are as good as things that come with a side of chips and a drink can get!

Clyde’s, Waynesville

The Smokey Mountains of North Carolina are a bit of a drive from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve But they are certainly an area that at some point you will want to take in and enjoy. Much like those mountains, when you make that trip, you will also want to take in and enjoy another of the Best Burger Joints in NC, Clyde’s. Known locally as one of the best comfort food restaurants you can find, when opting for one of Clyde’s classic burgers, this truly is “Where the Home Folks Eat.”

Emma Key’s Flat Top Grill, Greensboro

Once again, just a little more than an hour separates you in Rocky Mount and this next trip to “burger paradise.” Any local resident would know by the mention of the word burger that next up on our Burger Joints in NC is Emma Key’s Flat Top Grill. Bringing “Mississippi cooking to North Carolina” and offering the hugely popular “Hotel California” burger, you could say Emma Keys is a true American classic.

Looking for More Burger Joints in NC, We Got You Covered

While we list five iconic Burger Joint in NC above, there obviously are many more that restaurants deserving of “great burger” status. We will follow this post with five more Burger Joints in NC at some point. To see more information on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community, visit belmontlakepreserve.com..