DR Horton Builders at Belmont Lake Preserve: See Why They are America’s Favorite Builder

Starting in the early part of 2018, a partnership was formed at Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) that brought the community together with DR Horton Builders. Known as “America’s Builder,” the Horton team has been an incredible edition at BLP, offering their creative and trusted brand of home building in Rocky Mount’s most sought after new home community.

In this series of posts, we will take a look at not only the history of DR Horton Builders but also give you a peek at what they are offering at BLP. This, the first post of the series, will bring you back to the company’s humble beginnings and walk you each step of their journey to becoming the number one builder in the U.S. for the better part of the last two decades.

DR Horton Builders: “An Industry Standard Since 1978”

The DR Horton “Ready-to-Move-In”homes at BLP are ready for you, now!

Yes, it was a different time, for sure. Over four decades ago, to be exact. Regardless, the foundation for DR Horton Builders to become “America’s Builder,” began in Fort Worth, Texas. The year was 1978 and company Founder and Chairman, Donald R. Horton saw DR Horton break ground on its very first home. As described at the DR Horton Builders website, since that moment, “the company has defined its success not by bricks and mortar, but by the satisfaction of the families that make our houses their homes.”

When a company refers to itself as “America’s Builder,” there has to be some type of substance behind such a claim. DR Horton Builders certainly has the statistics and numbers to back up their claim as the top builder in the U.S., as just in the calendar year of 2019 alone, the company closed on 58, 434 homes. Likewise, they are building homes for American families in 90 different markets across 29 different states in the U.S. As mentioned above, this not only made DR Horton Builders number one in volume sold last year but the top builder brand in the country by volume since 2002.

A Brief Timeline of DR Horton Builders Expansion Over the Years

Since Mr. Horton opened the doors on this company 42 years ago, there have been several major milestones along the way to the present day. Again referring to drhorton.com, the following timeline represents what they feel to be the most important three moments in their history.

  • 1978- DR Horton Builders broke ground on its very first home in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • 1992- The company completes its first, initial public offering of stock.
  • 2002- DR Horton Builders becomes the number one largest homebuilder by volume in the United States.

Value, Trust, and Tradition: The 3 Pillars of DR Horton’s Success

The Elton model (pictured) has been popular among those buying new homes in Rocky Mount.

DR Horton Builders take great pride in their hard work, quality product, and the customer/builder relationships built to put them at the top of their field. They attest their success in each of these areas to three attributes that they have kept as their main focus for the past four-plus decades. At drhorton.com, they speak of these three areas, value, trust, and tradition. Below is how they define each in regards to delivering the customer a great home building experience.


“Your home says a lot about what you value in life. It’s a refuge for you to relax, entertain, learn, grow, or just be. Which is why we build your home using only the finest materials, latest designs, and the kind of warranty that can only come from America’s Builder.”


“When you’re making the biggest investment of your life, you need to know that you can count on your builder. You’re not just a customer. You’re family. And we’ll take care of you like family.”


You’re buying more than just a house. You’re investing in a place to call home as you grow through life’s stages, and one day retire. This is why since 1978, D.R. Horton has stood by its promise to deliver you top-quality homes at affordable prices. Or, what we like to call, the American Dream.

The Horton “Commitment to Excellence” and Why They Should be Your Home Builder

The DR Horton “Commitment to Excellence” has made home buyers happy since 1978.

In the section titled “Our Story” at DR Horton Builders’ official website, they speak of the commitment to excellence that the company has always strived to deliver. Likewise, they again provide undeniable statistics that are offered up for your consideration before selecting a home builder. The opening sentence of this section asks, “What else should you consider as you select a new home?”

In an attempt to answer their question for, you, the DRHorton site goes on to offer up the following. “Below are a few items for your consideration in determining our ability to be there for you, both during the construction process and after you close on your home.”

  • We’ve delivered more than 740,000 homes to our nation’s customers since our company’s inception.
  • Since 2002, more homebuyers have chosen D.R. Horton than any other national builder.
  • We operate in 43 of homebuilding’s top 50 markets in the U.S. and rank among the top five in 31 of these.
  • Our team of 7,000 marketing experts is spread across the nation in 29 states and 90 markets.

DR Horton Builders are “Building the Future” at Belmont Preserve

The next article in this series of posts will take a look at “America’s Builder” and what they have to offer for new homes in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. A rich history, as detailed above, of taking care of their customers and a variety of floor plan options exclusive to BLP, make this the builder for you.

So, as they say at drhorton.com, “Continue to live out those dreams, America, and know we’ll be here for you every step of the way.” Likewise, they will be there at BLP for you every step of the way as well. For a sampling of the Rocky Mount homes for sale at Belmont Lake by DR Horton, visit belmontlakepreserve.com.