Enjoy the Outdoors on These Amazing Hikes in North Carolina


Since relocating to Rocky Mount and the Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) community, you have seen the enjoyed the incredible outdoor activities locally. There is no question the combination of scenic beauty, trails, and parks nearby give you plenty of “fresh air” options. However, with your great centralized location at BLP, you are within a day drive of many incredible sights and places. For the true lover of the outdoors in your home, we have compiled a listing of the most breathtaking and awesome spots across NC to visit. We know you’ll appreciate the view, regardless of the drive time to reach any of these Hikes in North Carolina.

This article will be the first in a two-part series on Hikes in North Carolina. In this our opening post, we will look at the amazing trails that are closest to Belmont lake preserve and are a possible day drive trip. In the second piece, we will look at those a bit further away, but still within reasonable drive time and well worth a weekend spent in “god’s country.” Regardless of which of the ten total Hikes in North Carolina that you decide to start with, we are pretty sure that you will want to continue along and eventually visit the entire list.

The Most Spectacular Hikes in North Carolina Under 200 Miles from BLP

To begin our listing of these incredible Hikes in North Carolina, we will list the three closest to your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve among our picks. It is of note that while each of these trails offers an awe-inspiring view, none are incredibly long, so all that want to soak in the serene atmosphere can rest assured none are longer than five miles.

Sugarloaf Dune Trail- Carolina Beach State Park

The closest of our amazing 11 Hikes in North Carolina to Belmont Lake Preserve is unique to this list. The difference between Sugarloaf Dune Trail and the rest is this path is not in the mountains but in the dunes of Carolina Beach. Look in amazement at this 2.8-mile stroll through the incredible coastal habitat. A trip to the beach may be in order anyhow, but if not, here’s a good reason to take one.

Distance From Belmont Lake Preserve: 152 miles

Moore’s Wall Loop Trail-Hanging Rock State Park

While not on the beach, next among our Hikes in North Carolina is also unique in its own way to this list. As opposed to many of the “greener” trails we discuss, Moore’s Wall Loop Trail gives you unbelievable 360-degree views from a mostly rocky platform and backdrop. This brisk 4.3-mile trail is one of the most popular Hikes in North Carolina and is thought by many to be the perfect “beginner” hike.

Distance From Belmont Lake Preserve: 186 miles

Jomeokee Trail, Pilot Mountain, NC

This is another good one for the “beginning” trail hiker. Truly breathtaking scenery accompanies this entry to our Top Hikes in NC. In addition, there are many nooks and “sit-down” spots if you want to make a day of this 0.9-mile trail and its beautiful surroundings. If you enjoy this trail and get “the itch,” there are several more challenging trails in the immediate vicinity as well.

Distance From Belmont Lake Preserve: 189 miles

The Top Hikes in North Carolina Listings Continue

In the second article to follow this one on Hikes in North Carolina, we will look at those trails between 200 and 300 miles, but still with in a nice weekend trip away from Belmont Lake Preserve. The state of North Carolina and its gorgeous mountains, falls, and beaches have long been known, but maybe not quite so much for its scenic hiking trails. That is until now, as any or all of these trails and those to follow next post are truly one of a kind and a testament to the beauty of the “Tar Heel State.” 

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