The Best Hiking Trails in NC Will Leave you Breathless


As with the previous blog entry, we will bring to you more of the most beautiful views you can see by taking a stroll on some of the best Hiking Trails in NC. With your new home in Rocky Mount being located at the Belmont Lake Preserve (BLP) community, the previous post covers the scenic paths across the state that were closest to BLP.

Thus, in this the final of a three-part series on Hiking Trails in NC, we will look at three more hikes. These are at more of a distance; however, they are truly spectacular. If you are someone who loves the outdoors and hiking, these may take a bit more planning, but you will not be sorry to make these treks.

Spectacular Hiking Trails in NC that are Under 320 miles from Belmont Lake Preserve

The next two amazing trails are only an extra twenty miles or less to visit than we ended off with last post. Ironically these next two Hiking Trails in NC are both known for their almost spiritually peaceful, beautiful surroundings. Once again all trails listed in this post are under five miles. Thus these are very doable for anyone who wants to see the most incredible natural beauty boasted in North Carolina.

Camp Alice Trail- Mount Mitchell State Park

This incredible trek is probably the “greenest” of those among our top Hiking Trails in NC. The Camp Alice Trail has actually been referred to by many as a “Walden-Esque” hike. Surrounded by beautiful, yet quiet terrain, this ultra-peaceful 3.6-mile trail walk will lead you to wide open fields with Mount Mitchell looming as a backdrop.

Distance From Belmont Lake Preserve: 300 miles

Craggy Gardens- Black Mountain, NC

While considerably shorter at just 1.4 miles, this next of our Hiking Trails in NC is as amazing visually as any we have on our lists thus far. With almost artistic looking lush and twirling trees lining the trails, Craggy Gardens is certainly an eye-popping trek. In addition to the scenery along the way, this charted trail opens up at its end to a gorgeous summit lookout. Frequent visitors urge you to come through in early summer to see the beautiful rhododendrons. Likewise, in the middle part of Summer, the blueberries at Craggy Gardens are famous.

Distance From Belmont Lake Preserve: 319.5 miles

One More Amazing Hiking Trails in NC

The remaining two Hiking Trails in NC that we will discuss are both a few miles further away, but in a recurring theme…you guessed it, well worth the trip. Neither is as far as 375 miles, so basically, any of the four trails discussed in this piece are still within about an hour of that 300-mile mark. Regardless, as noted before, if you have the time to enjoy a beautiful drive out, the “outdoorsman” in you will be grateful that you do.

Flat Laurel Creek Trail- Canton, NC

Beauty for miles around and access to numerous scenic Hiking Trails in NC await you at Flat Laurel Creek Trail. This very manageable 2.5-mile hike begins in a high elevation valley. The trail is engulfed in wonderful dark, spruce-fir trees, and grassy balds. Above Flat Laurel Creek Trail is Black Balsam Knob and Sam’s Knob. You also can hike this trail to the nearby waterfall at Flat Laurel Creek.

Distance From Belmont Lake Preserve: 341 miles

Hiking Trails in NC: They are All Worth the Trek to Make a Trek

With you now calling the city of Rocky Mount home, none of these or the Hiking Trails in NC in our first post are ever too far from visiting. With all this beauty both in your new community and across the state, there is no question that your “Lifestyle Redefined” at BLP will include a lot of outdoor activity.

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