A Quick “Powder,” to the Laundry Room, and Inside the Front Door and More: Home Design Trends on the Rise in Fall 2019


When a respected name in real estate has a “Must-see,” Top 10 List, People Listen. Whether a realtor, Designer or Buyer, knowing the latest trends is a good thing. The source we speak of are the experts in home design at Houzz. Consequently, we will look at a Top 10 from houzz on Home Design Trends on the Rise.

“Painting the interior of the front door creates a striking feature,” according to “home design journalist,” Mitchell Parker

“Open and Shut the Front Door” to Countdown our Home Design Trends on the Rise 

The above “play on words” aside, we start this first post counting down from number 10 on Houzz’s list. That being said, their tenth Home Design Trend on the Rise is painted interior front doors. Houzz’s “home design journalist,” Mitchell Parker compiled the listing of Home Design Trends on the Rise and spoke about the painted interior doors.

“Everyone knows that a painted exterior front door offers great curb appeal and a stylish first impression for guests.” Parker added, “But you shouldn’t forget about viewing the front door from inside your home, or about the experience of walking out through the front door.”

“Painting the interior of the front door creates a striking feature,” Parker concludes. “So, it’s no surprise that entryways with interior painted front doors are in many of the most popular entryway photos uploaded to Houzz.”

Home Design Trends on the Rise: “It’s a Wrap…in the Powder Room.”

Historically a room which designers and decorators have expressed a bolder style the powder room is the focus of the number nine entry on the Home Design Trends on the Rise. In describing this entry more specifically, Parker referred to these as ‘fully wrapped powder rooms.’

“Going for bold style in a powder room is nothing new,” Parker begins his explanation. “Designers tend to like to go a little wild in these small spaces often used by guests.” He concludes, “One way to go big or go home is by wrapping the entire powder room in a feature wallpaper or other material.”

Separating Dark and Light Clothing is No Longer the Only Color in Laundry Rooms

Parker explained the number eight trend, “Designers have long championed making laundry rooms enjoyable spaces to be in. After all, if you’re going to do a tedious chore, you might as well be in a pleasant atmosphere.” 

“But lately designers and homeowners seem to be taking that idea even further,” Parker adds enthusiastically. “They’re introducing energizing colors, patterns and features to transform these spaces into enjoyable rooms, making them lively, cheerful and a bit quirky.”

“Fully wrapped powder rooms” have become a very popular trend among new home owners.

“Floating” towards the Number Seven Home Design Trend

Continuing through the Top 10 Home Design Trends on the Rise, the next ‘statement’ in design takes us into the bathroom. In a two-fold trend, the inclusion of ‘Double Floating Vanities’ brings a spacious look and also makes for less work on the cleaning end.

“Many of the bathrooms featured in the most popular bathroom photos uploaded to Houzz include double floating vanities.” Parker adds his own opinion, saying, “…and it’s easy to see why.” He continues, “Floating a vanity frees up floor space to give the appearance of more room and makes cleaning the floor easier than with a furniture-style vanity with legs that can trap dust.”

10 through 7 becomes 6, 5, and 4 when the Countdown Continues

In our next posting of this three-part series on Home Design Trends on the Rise we will detail two more trends gaining popularity in the bathroom. Likewise, we will head into the kitchen to “cook up” one of our three Home Design Trends on the Rise. 

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