Continuing Your Journey: Make the NC Monthly One Day Trip the Resolution You Keep This New Year!


In this post, we will continue through what we called in our previous post, your monthly doses of much needed “me time.” Basically, to add positive change and focus on you enjoying your amazing surroundings, we followed the suggestions laid out on the Only in Your State website. Those ideas were to take advantage of the unique weather we get in each season. Likewise, in doing so, there was an NC Monthly One Day Trip for you to embark on throughout the entire year.

In our first post in this two-part series, we brought you through six amazing locations to visit. Covering the months of January through June in that introductory piece, we move along from the “dog days” of Summer in July and take you to the end of your NC Monthly One Day Trip journeys in December. Again, each of these stops epitomizes the wonderous outdoors and scenic beauty of your home state since you’ve moved into your new home in Rocky Mount. Consequently, much like we state about your new home community Belmont Lake Preserve, when you take the time to have a plan for yourself, “you are never too far from there.” 

Your NC Monthly One Day Trip Schedule Continues through the Heat of Summer Towards Fall

Ok, we all know and love those four seasons we get here in NC right? Well, the term “love” may sometimes come into question with the extreme heat and high temperatures we reach in July and august sometimes.\Regardless, this is your “you time,” remember. These months just like all the others will find you continuing your amazing NC Monthly One Day Trip voyage. Can you beat the heat? Come on, of course, we can, there are plenty of amazing stops left, let’s get started.

July- Sand Dollar Island, Morehead City

Time to “strike it rich” on your NC Monthly One Day Trip, as July brings you to Morehead City, where you take the ferry over to Sand Dollar Island. Plenty of beach, plenty of water. Plenty of ways to enjoy a gorgeous hot, summer day in North Carolina. Be sure to take home some sand dollars or any amazing shells and the like that you may find. Oh, and try and stay cool in this heat, ok?!?

August- Salty Pirate, Emerald Isle

Ok, we know, so those steamy days in July…they remain steamy hot through August, too. But as we continue your NC Monthly One Day Trip itinerary. Just as we planned for last month’s stop, it is essential in enjoying your “you time” that in July and August these destinations are near or on water. Unlike July, when we “hit the beach,” August finds you in Emerald Isle to one of the most classic, old-time water parks in the entire country, Salty Pirate Water park. Not to be confused with the more modern-day version of a water park, Salty Pirate is a throwback to or childhoods and simpler times. Features include old school tube water slides, toboggan slides, and even a main pool which is painted as a pirate ship. Sitting steps away from the gorgeous beach at Emerald Isle, this is another perfect day that awaits you.

September- Shatley Springs, Crumpler

As the temperatures finally seem to start dropping slightly, your next NC Monthly One Day Trip brings you on another scenic journey. Upon reaching your desired spot, you arrive in Crumpler at The Restaurant at Shatley Springs. As it commonly is referred to, the “legendary restaurant in the middle of nowhere,” is exactly where you want to be. Sure, the food is delicious, and you’ll want to try it for sure there are many more interesting aspects at this site of a mineral spring that was first discovered in 1890. Stop into the unique variety stores, check out the jewelry and arts and crafts, and if you ever wanted to extend past your day, feel free to rent an on-site cabin overnight.

October- Hickory Nut Falls , Chimney Rock

In our first post, we went through the winter and took you snow tubing. The summer months above found you nearby some type of body of water at all times. Now into October, and your NC Monthly One Day Trip, and it’s all about the Fall in North Carolina. Anyone who knows the Fall in North Carolina knows it’s the season for breathtaking scenery and fall foliage. When we say Hickory Nut falls is your destination, you actually will be looking at those falls from Chimney Rock State Park. Known statewide as one of the most beautiful spots to just enjoy the surrounding nature, the park does give an awesome view of the 404-foot waterfall, which was featured in the 1992 movie, “The Last of the Mohicans.”

November- North Carolina Renaissance Festival, Huntersville

For November’s NC Monthly One Day Trip we bring you back in time. In medieval times actually, you will visit Huntersville and the Medieval Village of Fairhaven. This stop for those who didn’t figure it out yet is the North Carolina Renaissance Festival. The annual festival is one of the largest of its type in the whole U.S. This brings your “personal journey” to a land of make-believe. More. than 100 vendors and hundreds more costumed characters wander around and run many of the day’s events. Sometimes, a journey back through time hundreds of years can be just what you need, right now.

December- Biltmore, Asheville

Ok, it’s the final month of the year and your final NC Monthly One Day Trip. Where else in December? In North Carolina? As the Holidays Approach? Where else could we possibly direct you than to Asheville’s iconic Biltmore. Not only is this one of the most impressive and spectacular places to visit statewide all year, but their amazing decor and holiday spirit make the Biltmore in. December a “must-see” at some point. Whether it’s the enormous, 35-foot Christmas tree in the banquet hall, the overwhelming 135,000 square foot castle completely decorated for the holiday or the other 55 trees that adorn this classic estate, or something else, this last stop is certainly a grand stop and a fitting way top draw close to your journey

The End of the Year Has Come for Your NC Monthly One Day Trip. 

You’ve seen the four seasons in all of their glory. But you only took the on the day at a time approach. You have seen an incredible array of events and places that truly show who and what North Carolina and its residents are all about. Consequently, it all began just by taking a small amount of time, even just one day a month, and staying true to a promise to yourself. Oh, and making it to some of these scenic and normally out of the way you have experienced in a year the full spectrum of what a North Carolina is all about. All it took was to just set aside some “you time.”

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