Put Your “Pedals to the Medal” on the Best North Carolina Bike Trails are Waiting


You have become familiar with the local area since moving into your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve. We have detailed the many outdoor activities locally and l across the state. We’ve discussed camping, mountains, hiking trails, parks, and more. So, given the great location at BLP putting you “never too far from there,” this post begins a three-post series. It is the perfect guide for those who “like to ride.” Below is our listing of the Best North Carolina Bike Trails.

As is with basically all the great outdoor activities and options in NC, when we talk North Carolina Bike Trails, we have many options. Just as we mentioned with camping, biking has many levels of interested partakers. With differing skill and experience levels as well as some of the “riskier” or “hardcore cyclists, obviously are looking for different trails than a family of four. But, not to fret, there are North Carolina Bike Trail options that range from flat, easier rides along the spectacular, scenic coastline. Consequently, there are also rugged and steep climbs along the mountain trails. Any way you prefer and choose, your perfect trail awaits.

Enjoy the Scenery and a Smooth Ride Along the North Carolina Bike Trails

To begin our series on North Carolina Bike Trails, we will cover five paths that are smoother than most. These allow for a leisurely ride alongside some of the most stunning, natural backdrops that you could find anywhere. Easy enough a ride on most of these trails that anyone could enjoy. Yet, still challenging and beautiful enough, that even the most experienced cyclist would appreciate.

New River Route, High Country

We begin our top North Carolina Bike Trails with a rare combination making up this path. What we have is a flat bike trail that is located in the mountains. As unlikely as that sounds, this smooth ride is along the southern fork of the New River in Ashe County. 

Following along Railroad Grade Road, of all, our North Carolina Bike Trails this is the most level and easiest to ride. But don’t let that deter you. This trail goes past some amazing scenery including but not limited to the river, lush pastoral settings, and miles of gorgeous greenery.

Hatteras Island, Outer Banks and Currituck

Well, just as we mention covering almost anything outdoors in NC, we likewise at some point in that coverage suggest a stop at the Outer Banks. This trend continues with our next two North Carolina Bike Trails. To start, we ride the stunning 25-mile coastal trail that is parallel with NC Highway 12. If you are unsure, yes, it is that one and only major road on all of Hatteras Island. 

This quiet ride barely even passes by a single home or billboard. It’s just you, the trail, and on either side, the ocean and the Pamlico Sound. Finally, when you reach the end of this ride, you reach the only high rise on the island, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. A truly spectacular ride.

Duck to Sanderling Resort, Outer Banks and Currituck

Ok, now any of these trails we discuss is going to have a tough time following the one we just discussed. Consequently, for our second ride, we continue to run parallel to NC Highway 12, as we are now in the Northern Outer Banks though.

Not as long as our first trail, along this route, you will see the awesome views of the Currituck Sound. You can actually duck down and through some side roads of these North Carolina Bike Trails and take some even more amazing looks at the ocean. The distance you ride is for you to decide, however, if the five miles between Sanderling Resort and Duck isn’t far enough, head along toCorrolla and you may even pass a few wild horses on the beach as you go.

North Carolina Bike Trails from Smooth Sailing into the Wild Terrain

This concludes our first look at the North Carolina Bike Trails. These all feature smooth riding and gorgeous scenery. In our follow up post, we will continue these paths. However, the riding of the trails coming up are a bit more challenging. 

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