North Carolina Fall Hikes Ending in a Breathtaking View


One of the allures that drew you initially to North Carolina was its four “full” seasons. The distinct and enjoyable weather patterns for each season now that you’ve opted to relocate to Rocky Mount are a major factor in many choosing to call NC their home. Of those seasons, there may be none prettier than the Fall. Couple that weather with the changing of the colors coinciding with the autumn season and it is the perfect time to spend outdoors. That along with your great location at Belmont Lake Preserve gives you countless incredible options for North Carolina Fall Hikes that all showcase the true beauty of our state.

Sure, in a perfect world, we would all like the chance to get away for a weekend. Soak in the brisk fall air and marvel at the spectacular oranges, reds, and yellows, that fill the natural scenery. But in reality, many of us don’t have the time or money for this type of weekend excursion. Thus, these North Carolina Fall Hikes that follow are ones that can easily be accomplished round trip on the same day.

North Carolina Fall Hikes Where the Beauty Matches the Heights

Obviously, some of the most breathtaking points in all of North Carolina are those from its highest points, the mountains. As you can imagine, with all the colors and natural beauty of the season these are even more spectacular each Autumn. While these may not be the longest or most strenuous walks, the following North Carolina Fall Hikes will certainly give you a view that screams, “I made the right choice moving here.”

Jomeokee Trail, Pilot Mountain

Speaking of shorter trails, this may be the shortest on our list. However, at just under one mile, the view from the Jomeokee Trail makes up for any distance. Of any of these North Carolina Fall Hikes, this one may be the best to enjoy even when. alone. With numerous “nooks” and rocky “hideaways,” you may literally gasp at the gorgeous view from here.

Craggy Gardens

Referred to at the website “Only in Your State” as a “fairytale year-round,” Craggy Gardens is another amazing entry to our North Carolina Fall Hikes. This one-and-a-half-mile trail is accessible from a parking lot just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. There are two separate amazing overlooks on this hike that give you a “peek” from two of NC’s highest “peaks.”

Whiteside Mountain

When locals hear the name Whiteside Mountain, they immediately suggest you enjoy this entry to the North Carolina Fall Hikes in the late fall. This is one of two points in the year that you can see the amazing “Shadow of the Bear.” All that aside, the incredible surroundings you will pass by on the 2.5-mile walk along the Whiteside Mountain Trail will take you to a stunning view from the cliff at its end.

Chimney Rock

Talk about an awesome view. Now, let’s talk about Chimney Rock, the next of our North Carolina Fall Hikes. To make it to this incredible point, one may first ask how you are climbing stairs or steps. Why? Well, this is a 500-step climb to its top, but once you are there it is said the awe-inspiring panoramic views you see can reach an almost 75-mile radius.

Lower Cascade Falls at Hanging Rock State Park

Ok, so this is another of the North Carolina Fall Hikes that is not the longest of walks. Actually, it’s only about a half of a mile, but once you reach the end, you’ll probably want to stick around and enjoy a bit. Once you reach the trail’s end here, you will find a spectacular waterfall that is surrounded by rock formations that combined with the soothing sounds of the rushing water is about as pleasant as one could imagine.

Flat Laurel Creek

The last of our North Carolina Fall Hikes is one that takes you on an equally amazing, but somewhat unique 2.5 miles. To look at the surroundings, one may think for a second that they were somewhere in the mid-western part of the country. However, any feeling of that should suffice once you’ve entered the spruce-fir forests. This trail actually lies under both Black Balsam Knob and Sam’s Knob and can easily lead to a nearby waterfall that lies on the Creek.

You’re Never Too Far from the North Carolina Fall Hikes when You’re At BLP

Through all your research and preparation for the move to the Belmont Lake Preserve you have become familiar with “Lifestyle Redefined.” Likewise, the “Location” section at reminds you that when you are at BLP ” you are never too far from” all the great sights and places of the state. This couldn’t be truer as you set out to enjoy the gorgeous NC fall season and all the surrounding beauty in which it entails.