Rocky Mount NC Restaurants: Great Southern Cooking and Cooking From South of the Border


We continue with part two of our series on the Top 10 Rocky Mount NC Restaurants in this post. Moving along with our next three delicious eateries, we have a tie at number seven on our list. We continue to “let the customer” do the talking, basing the rankings on actual scores and reviews from Trip Advisor.

The incredibly large portions at Smith’s Restaurant is shown here in this “half sandwich” plate.

It’s a Triple Play at Number Seven Among the Rocky Mount NC Restaurants

In the number seven spot on our list of the Top 10 Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, we have a three-way tie. In the spirit of not leaving any of the favorite local food stops from getting there accolades, we will touch on all three.

“What a FIND!” It’s “Good Country Cooking” at Smith’s Restaurant

Well known both locally and by travelers, Smith’s Restaurant is known for its mouth-watering breakfast and lunch. Located at 3649 North Halifax Road, a reviewer at Trip Advisor may have best summed up the Smith’s experience.

Speaking of this entry in our Top Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, the customer explained the following. “We spent the holidays in Rocky Mount, visiting from Albuquerque, NM. We decided to have breakfast together at Smith’s before leaving. What a treat! The service was excellent! It felt like family all around!” The out-of-town visitor concludes, “This welcoming setting felt like a family hug! The food was plentiful (huge servings), and every single item was absolutely delicious!”

Great variety in their menu, and delicious homemade desserts are staples of the Chew-n-Chat Cafe.

“Great Variety” for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Brunch at the Chew-n-Chat Cafe

Located at 1005 West Mount Drive, the Chew-n-Chat Cafe is next among the top Restaurants in Rocky Mount NC. This favorite stop explains their “Mission and Heritage” at their official Facebook page. “The original Chew-n-Chat was located in southern Alabama during the 1950s and was owned and operated by my grandmother’s family.” It continues, “The café was well known for its good cookin’ and as a place for locals and travelers alike to come together, enjoy a meal, and share in great conversation.”

With great sandwiches, dinners, breakfast, salads, and of course the homemade desserts, it does not appear much has changed. But don’t take our word for it. The following review from Trip Advisor can do the explaining. “This place blew all of my expectations. This menu is phenomenal with creative twists on both southern dishes and current trends in the restaurant biz.” They concluded, “The pricing was good and portion size is perfect for a take-home leftover box, which is just as good later.”

El Jimador gives Rocky Mount an always fresh and always mouth-watering taste of Mexican cuisine.

Of the Rocky Mount NC Restaurants, El Jimador is “Superior Mexican Cuisine” and Scores an A++!”

New to town in early 2017, El Jimador Mexican Restaurant made a great first impression and continues to meet and exceed customer expectations. El Jimador is located at 2181 Lawrence Circle and its freshness and unique Mexican dishes seem to be reasons that many keep coming back again and again. The Trip Advisor revies from one customer began with our headline of “Superior Mexican Cuisine” and goes on in glowing detail.

“Their menu offers all the choices you know and love, as well as a variety of unique and wonderful options to discover. The location is beautiful, well maintained, and the service exceeds any offerings locally. El Jimador is bringing quality and service back to the area.” This obvious frequenter of the restaurant continues on with his compliments. “Thank you for having such a strong commitment to excellence and ensuring your customers receive not only incredible food but great service and experiences every time. Congrats on such an outstanding achievement and a job well done. Well done indeed. A++”

Shown are two of the Chew-n-Chat Cafe daily specials, the Shrimp Platter and Oyster Platter. Both are with Slaw, Collards, and Corn Muffin.

Rocky Mount NC Restaurants: Moving Past Number Seven

To give all the fine Rocky Mount NC Restaurants on our list the accolades and recognition they deserve, we will continue on with our top six in upcoming posts. Though we have a tie for seventh, the rankings will still continue with six, five, and four in our next article.

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