Braswell Memorial Library Offers Up Rocky Mount Youth Activities to Build Stronger Skills

Rocky Mount Youth Activities

Located just a few minutes away from your spectacular new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community, Braswell Memorial Libraryoffers up several great Rocky Mount Youth Activities and even some for the adults that can help to build stronger literacy skills, while giving youngsters a safe and productive way to interact socially and have some fun with teens and young adults of the same age.

Through the array of Library Clubs that are offered at Braswell, there are Rocky Mount Youth Activities that will appeal to any and all tastes and allow the kids to interact among their peers in doing so. The following Rocky Mount Youth Activities and clubs are being offered currently at the library and are always accepting new members.

  • Coloring Club – Taking place on the fourth Saturday afternoon of every month from 3:15-4:30, and open to teenagers and adults, this is considered a great way to enjoy a stress free atmosphere and the company of others, while you color on materials provided by the library.
  • Good Read Book Club- On every fourth Monday of the month, the library’s Wiley Room is host to this club for adults. A book is selected and read at home by the members, who then come into their meetings for in depth conversation and discussion on what has been read from 10:30 am-12:00pm.
  • Teen Advisory Board- From 5:30-7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month, this may be the most popular among the library’s Rocky Mount Youth Activities, and is a wonderful way for teenagers in the area to become more actively involved in the on-goings of the local community. New ideas are discussed and suggestions and thoughts can be offered here by teenagers regarding possible new teen programs, services, and materials.
  • 1stTuesdays for Business- For the aspiring entrepreneur, this is the one club that stands out among these Rocky Mount Youth Activities. Open for all ages teenage and above, this club is offered through a partnership with the Rocky Mount Chapter of S.C.O.R.E. The library hosts monthly workshops for members covering all facets of business operation, ownership, and management.
  • Teen Minecraft Club- This club allows for teens to get together every second Thursday of the month and create different structures in the world of the popular game, Minecraft. Teens can design and build their own structures, or jump in and lend a hand to others while taking part in some fun, yet thought provoking design challenges.

These Rocky Mount Youth Activities are just a small sampling of the great things going on regularly at Braswell Memorial Library. The library is located at 727 North Grace Street in Rocky Mount  and for details on all the upcoming events and great things going on in the upcoming weeks and months, visit