Which Home Upgrades Will Help Improve Resale Value?

Whether you’re thinking of putting your home on the market this year or you have plans for making a major move in the next few years, you are probably looking around and wondering just what upgrades you can make that will Improve Resale Value of your investment. Some upgrades are definitely worth the effort and will pay dividends in trying to Improve Resale Value. Others may simply be eye candy; they make you feel better, but a potential buyer is looking beyond the sparkle for more substance. Before you sink too much time and money into major upgrades, consider which ones have the potential toactually Improve Resale Value and put money back in your pocket.

Which Home Upgrades Will Improve Your Resale Value

  • A fresh coat of paint throughout the house will make you feel better while you’re still living in your home and will inspire your prospective buyer to consider making your home their next purchase. Choose a neutral hue that reflects light and gives each room a fresh, inviting look. Unless you feel your painting skills are top-notch, consider hiring a professional painter for the best results. Painting is a relatively inexpensive improvement that is sure to be appreciated.
  • Adding a new deck or improving an existing one will increase both your potential selling price and the general appeal for any buyer that may want to see what your house has to offer. Modern lifestyles have extended beyond the appeal of the indoor environment to include relaxing and entertaining out of doors as well. A great deck or patio is the ultimate in outdoor living.
  • Outdated kitchens and bathrooms can be the kiss of death for any potential real estate transaction. Upgrades in these areas can be costly. You’ll want to choose wisely, but not cheaply, to get the most for your money. Rest assured you will be rewarded with a speedier sale and a better selling price.
  • Replacing worn out, drafty windows is a must if you want to get top dollar for your property. Energy costs rank high on the checklist of home buyers and you don’t want to have to explain why your utility costs are out of sight because of obsolete windows.
  • Similarly, an up-to-date heating and air conditioning system will be a worthwhile upgrade. Fixtures and appliances that are more than twenty years old speak of a lack of concern about the environment and a poor understanding of energy efficiency.
  • Many people think an in-ground swimming pool will cause the value of their property to soar. Be careful with that one; it can backfire on you. Depending on the part of the country where your home is located, you could be planting a giant albatross in your backyard. In climates where heat and humidity are the norm, pools are great and generally desirable. If you live where summer comes late and winter comes early, you are installing something that is much more work and upkeep than pleasure and enjoyment. Buyers will shy away.
  • Take a look around your outdoor landscape when deciding what upgrades make sense. Curb appeal is vital to a successful real estate campaign. Plant shrubs, install floral beds and, above all else, keep the lawn mowed and the leaves raked. A clean home front will make a potential buyer think property maintenance is a piece of cake. A sloppy environment gives the impression that it takes too much work to keep the place looking good.

Basic maintenance should never be viewed as an upgrade. Replacing a leaky roof or broken gutters, exterior painting or siding and maintaining sealed driveway surfaces should be part of your everyday home ownership. When it comes time to put your home on the market, focus on upgrades that make dollars and cents for your ultimate quick and successful home sale.