Golf Tips for the Offseason

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Golf Tips for the Offseason

Many golfers dread the hot temperatures of summer dropping into the fall and eventually giving way to the colder winter months, leading to what is considered the sport’s “offseason.” While that period is not too long now that you have opted to move to the Belmont Lake Preserve new home golf course community in Rocky Mount, an article on the Golf Channel’s website discussed Golf Tips for the Offseason, suggesting that by looking instead at this time as a “preseason” could have you sharper than ever this Spring when you head out your backdoor and on to the Best Golf Course in Eastern North Carolina.

In the feature, PGA professional instructor, George Connor laid out several Golf Tips for the Offseason months. “The winter is not the offseason, it’s the preseason,” Connor said. “Winter represents a time to make significant and lasting changes to your golf swing, chipping motion and putting stroke. Once spring hits, golfers want to get out on the course and play, so why not get your work done in the winter?”

The PGA pro continued with his Golf Tips for the Offseason, detailing two simple drills that any golfer can do right in their own home during the colder months. These were explained in the piece in detail as follows:

The Line Drill: This can be done with or without hitting golf balls. You will need a line on the carpet that is perpendicular to the target line. Straddle the line as you take your golf stance and start making some short swings. The line on the carpet will be in the middle of your stance. Notice where the club lands on the carpet as it sweeps through. A good ball-striker will always sweep the carpet just on the target side of the line. This is the key to good ball-striking.

Hit Ping-Pong Balls: Using a wedge and ping-pong balls, you can expand your imagination all winter long. The lighter ball will exaggerate any spin you put on the ball. During halftime of a football or basketball game, hit some little chips around the house and learn how to use the club to hit different shots. This is a great way to pay some attention to your short game even if there is snow on the ground.

In addition to these simple exercises, other Golf Tips for the Offseason suggested by Connor focused on physical conditioning. “Winter is a great time to get into golf shape,” he said. “Get a physical assessment from a golf fitness expert and find out where you need to add some mobility and or stability.” Connor concluded, “As you are working out this winter, you will have the added motivation of knowing that you are going to be a better golfer while your golf buddies are getting worse as they sit on the couch.”