Guest Bedroom Ideas make Visitors Feel Right at Home

Guest Bedroom Ideas

One of the many reasons that drew you towards relocating to Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf and retirement community was its ideal location, giving you convenient access to all points in the Eastern U.S. Whether you opted to be close to family or friends, you will surely at some point be hosting visitors at your new home, and recently, detailed 13 Guest Bedroom Ideas that can help to not only impress, but also make your company feel right at home.

Many of the Guest Bedroom Ideas detailed by MSN Blogger, Nadine Avola in the piece, are ones that not only very practical and convenient for a houseguest, but can be presented in a very stylish manner as well. The first item on the list plays to the ever evolving technological world we live in and saves a guest from having to ask, and is to provide them a Wi-Fi password. Either in a frame, or on an index card, or even to text them the password immediately will make a guest feel welcome. Along the same lines, the second Guest Bedroom Idea is to set up a charging station. Providing cables and the necessities to keep all devices charged is certainly a friendly and inviting touch.

Offering up space and an easily accessible place to unpack, such as a dresser or even a nice closet space with hangers can avoid a guest having the feeling that they are “living out of a suitcase” during their stay, and adding to your spare room giving them the feeling that it’s “their own” is having some type of privacy curtains, shades, or blinds over the windows. Extra blankets, towels, and pillows as well as having any bathroom necessities, even if a guest has brought their own are also great Guest Bedroom Ideas that help a visitor to feel comfortable during their visit. Likewise, bedroom essentials, like a ceiling fan or even a nice oscillating fan, and an alarm clock can also make the guest room “their own” by simply putting in the effort to plan ahead and have these items out and ready upon arrival. Going the extra mile to have fresh flowers at bedside, a candy dish, or even their own coffee maker in the room can also give the appearance of going above and beyond to make the guests feel that you truly care.

Lastly, whether your friends or family member arrives while you are at work, or even just to provide them the feeling that they are free to come and go as they please while visiting, to leave a house key for them is always a very selfless gesture that screams “my home is your home” while they are there.

These 13 simple Guest Bedroom Ideas are ones that can enhance a loved ones visit to your house and can easily be arranged with just a bit of planning prior to their arrival. To see the entire post on 13 Guest Bedroom Ideas to make your visitors feel at home, visit