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Is there any state in the United States more unique than North Carolina?

Uncovering North Carolina famous foods! From its checkered history to its fantastic culture, North Carolina stands out as one of the most memorable states in our union. Today, with an estimated population of over 10 million, North Carolina is the ninth-largest state in the U. S. and continues growth.

North Carolina cuisine has a lot of exciting dishes that are different from those typically eaten in other states. While many types of food can be found here, some uniquely North Carolina foods might surprise people unfamiliar with the state. Here is a list of several unique and iconic dishes and a few side items that make North Carolina cuisine exceptional. These are just some fantastic foods that can only be found in North Carolina.

Whether fried onion burgers or pimento cheese grits, you will indeed find something unique and different to enjoy!


Iconic and unique foods in North Carolina


A staple dish in North Carolina is a barbecue that uses different wood types of meats to smoke them. So, depending on where a person lives in the state, the type of barbecue they enjoy will change from an eastern style that uses a vinegar-based sauce to a western style that uses a thicker tomato and ketchup-based sauce.

Popular side dishes for barbecue include coleslaw, potato salad, beans, and sometimes cornbread.

In the state of North Carolina, barbecue is more than a dish – it is a way of life. Except those who self-identify as “barbecue purists,” most North Carolinians would agree that barbecue encompasses more than just pork.

It is common for North Carolinians to barbecue chicken, beef, shrimp, and other non-pork items. However, it is essential to note that North Carolina’s most popular barbecue dish is pork.

The Debate Between Whole Hog and Pulled Pork

Traditionally, North Carolina’s most popular barbecue dish is whole hog barbecue, though many believe pulled pork is more popular. In North Carolina, people frequently debate the difference between authentic hog barbecue and pulled pork.

There are significant differences between these two barbecue dishes. Typically, the whole hog is the more involved and challenging process, and this is why many people believe that pulled pork is now more popular than complete hog barbecue.

A whole hog barbecue can be defined as a hog that has been slow-cooked over an open flame while the meat is basted with a sauce. The result is tender, succulent meat that falls right off the bone.

Carolina bbq can be served either hot or cold, though traditionally served hot. The meat is placed on a plate and covered with coleslaw; the side dishes can vary, but a traditional North Carolina barbecue meal must include coleslaw.

In contrast, pulled pork is barbecued in chunks rather than as an entire hog, and the cooking process is done at a much faster rate. Thus, the meat does not fall off the bone as quickly because it has not been slow-cooked over an open flame.

The meat is generally shredded rather than cut into pieces, and it may or may not be served with a sauce. The bbq meat is often served on a sandwich, though it can also be a side dish.

North Carolina Famous Food

Central NC BBQ 

Lexington Barbecue, Lexington — www.lexbbq.com

Eastern NC BBQ

Bum’s Restaurant, Ayden — www.bumsrestaurant.net

Western NC BBQ

Buxton Hall Barbeque, Asheville — www.buxtonhall.com


People who don’t live in North Carolina might find this hard to believe, but one place people can get doughnuts here is at Krispy Kreme, which was started in North Carolina by Vernon Rudolph in 1937.

They still have locations throughout the state so that visitors can try their food here and support a local business. Another popular spot is Duck Donuts which serves gourmet doughnuts in various flavors and has locations in Carolina Beach, Wilmington, and Belhaven.

Cheerwine float 

This soft drink is only sold in North Carolina at the Cheerwine Bottling Company. It can be served plain or mixed with vanilla ice cream to make a float which some people think tastes like root beer though they’re different drinks. If you want to try this beverage, you’ll have to stop by one of these two places: Thomasboro, NC, where it’s bottled, and Salisbury, NC, where it’s based out of its headquarters.

Cheerwine Festival, Salisbury NC
Saturday, May 21, 2022 from 12:00 -10:00 p.m.


Chicken-fried steak 

This dish garners a lot of attention due to its name. It’s breaded beef steak deep-fried in oil. In addition to being served with white gravy, it can also be topped with salsa or chili beans and french fries on the side.

Pimento cheese grits

While cheese grits are famous around the south, pimento cheese is not, which seems unusual but tasty. After trying this dish, you might want to try it again because people get hooked on them and won’t stop talking about how delicious they are!

Hatteras style clam juice 

Another North Carolina staple that’s different from other places is clam juice, clam chowder, which can be made in various ways depending on where someone lives. One famous soup people like to eat here is Hatteras style clam chowder, which has clams, potatoes, onion, celery, and carrots mixed in with pepper and thyme. This dish can also be eaten during breakfast by using grits instead of potatoes as the base.


Many who don’t live in North Carolina haven’t heard of this dish of pork liver, salt, pepper, and other spices. It’s often served for breakfast and biscuits or eaten on a sandwich at lunchtime if someone prefers to eat it hot instead of cold. If you try this food, you’ll find that the taste is similar to spam but healthier for you!

Pepsi bbq chicken 

This type of barbecue has its roots in western North Carolina, where people like to eat chicken with coleslaw and french fries on top of it. It’s also common to see someone use lemon pepper instead of traditional salt and pepper in this area. Blend cola into their sauce to make it sweeter than normal barbecue sauce. One popular way people enjoy eating Pepsi bbq chicken is by pouring some onto French fries.

Appalachian Kilt 

Wilted fresh lettuce or leafy greens and spring onions combined with hot bacon grease and crispy bacon pieces.

Apple stack cake

Another unique thing about North Carolina cuisine is its cakes which can be sweet or savory, with one example being apple stack cake. This dish comprises layers of thinly sliced apples, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and streusel topping, often used to make muffins. Fruit cakes are also famous for special occasions such as weddings where people will bake them in molds with fruit inside!


Appalachian tradition is sweet baked dessert.

Not as fussy as pie and juicier than cobbler. But the good news is they are just as effortless and delicious as they sound.


A variety of foods you can find when you live and travel through North Carolina definitely sets it apart from the rest of America, like grabbing a fresh Krispy Kreme and a Cheerwine float.



On Saturday, March 2, just a few minutes up the road from your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve NC golf community on the campus of Nash Community College, there will be a celebration of diversity with in the local community as a part of the Rocky Mount International Festival of Cultures.

Starting at 12:00 pm and running until 4:00 pm at the on campus, Brown Auditorium, the Rocky Mount International Festival of Cultures has become an annual favorite among local events. “This festival brings our community together and shows us how our diversity empowers us,” said city of Rocky Mount Director of Human Relations, Archie Jones.

There will be many tastes, sounds, and sights on hand at the Rocky Mount International Festival of Cultures for all to enjoy on March 2. These will include an array of exotic foods for sampling from across the globe, and vendors, who likewise will be selling and showcasing items representing a variety of ethnicities and cultures. In addition, there will be a fashion show and also multi-cultural live music and entertainment to enjoy at the Rocky mount International Festival of Cultures.

Slated to be represented and on display at the Rocky Mount International Festival of Cultures are communities and traditions to include Central American, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, African American, and the Hawaii-Saponi Indian Tribe.

Summing up the great community feel of this celebration of diversity, Jones concluded his statement on the official city website saying, “From the food to the fashion and the friendly atmosphere, this event showcases some of the best of our city-the many cultures that call Rocky Mount home.”

For more information on the Rocky Mount International Festival of Cultures, visit the City Of Rocky Mount website at rockymountnc.gov.


With the countless options in outdoor living and active lifestyle in Rocky Mount, the reasons to choose the premier NC golf and retirement community,Belmont Lake Preserve are plentiful, however, for those looking to continue or revisit your education, North Carolina Wesleyan College offers up maybe the top reason to Retire in North Carolina.

Located directly next door to Belmont Lake Preserve, and ranked fourth statewide for return on investment for their graduates, North Carolina Wesleyan College (NCWC) specializes in those returning students choosing to Retire in North Carolina and others their adult years through their highly accredited ASPIRE programs. (Adult Student Programs: Innovative, Respected, and Engaging).

According to the NCWC website these programs aimed at returning students who Retire in North Carolina or otherwise, “are nonresidential baccalaureate degree programs designed to meet the educational needs of adult learners.” The explanation at ncwc.edu continued to say,  “ASPIRE under the Office of Adult & Professional Studies allows mature women and men to tailor their degree work to meet personal, career, and life goals. Learners work at their own pace with the option of maintaining full-time or part-time course loads.”  They piece went further to detail that “Because mature adults like those set to Retire in North Carolina are highly motivated and capable of self-directed learning, ASPIRE learners can take advantage of 5-week, 8-week, hybrid, and online classes, as well as opportunities for earning credit through alternative options such as CLEP and DSST testing.”

So, if academically “re-inventing” yourself as you Retire in North Carolina in hopes of pursuing a new business venture or if you just would like to learn about new subjects and take some courses at NCWC, your next move in your education is literally minutes away from your new home at the Belmont Lake Preserve. The school offers degree programs in Business Administration, Psychology, Religious Studies, Criminal Justice, Education, Accounting, and Computer Information Systems, and individual on site courses on Management, Organizational Development, and Human Resource Management through its Corporate Advantage Program (CAP).

On top of the conveinience of both location and choices to continue your education at NC Wesleyan as you Retire in North Carolina, the actual time involved in completing the courses also weighs heavily in your favor, as courses can be completed in just eight weeks, night classes from 6-10 p.m., and college credit can be earned and applied to a degree through the CAP courses if desired.

To see a detailed description of ASPIRE and all the adult education options at NCWC, visit the adult studies page on their website at www.ncwc.edu.

Normally held on the first Friday evening of each month, the December 6 installment of First Friday at the Imperial Centre will carry a Christmas theme, featuring activities for the whole family in all sections of the downtown Rocky Mount arts center only a few minutes from your family’s new home at Belmont Lake Preserve new home golf community.

The Imperial Centre website listed the following special activities that will be taking place on the December 6 First Friday at the Imperial Centre in addition to the lighting of the Imperial Centre Christmas tree, a visit from Santa Claus for the kids, and carriage rides and bounce houses in the courtyard where there has been a forecast for “snow,” to get all in the mood of the season.

In the Childrens’ Museum at First Friday at the Imperial Centre will be:

  • Free admission featuring new exhibit, “Rainforest Adventures”
  • Kid’s activities
  • Rocky Mount Wildlife Rehabbers
  • Planetarium Show: Season of Light at 7 pm
  • Lasershow: Laser Holiday at 8 pm
  • Braswell Memorial Pop-Up Library

In the Arts Center at First Friday at the Imperial Centre will be:

  • Live Music with Susan and Thomas Wells
  • Photo Booth
  • Gallery Sketching
  • Art Activities and Demos
  • Art Exhibitions open to the public

In the Main Lobby Area atFirst Friday at the Imperial Centre will be:

  • Art Demonstartion
  • Vendors
  • Dance USA information and demos
  • Tar River Piecemakers Quilt Guide information table

In the Theatre atFirst Friday at the Imperial Centre will be:

  • “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” and the Christmas Chorus at 7:30 pm

The Imperial Centre is located at 270 Gay Street in Rocky Mount. For more information on First Friday at the Imperial Centre and all their fun upcoming family friendly events, go to imperialcentre.org.




In addition to the luxurious, spa-like amenities that helped introduce you and your family to “lifestyle redefined” at Belmont Lake Preserve, the vast array of outdoor living activities and scenery that you enjoy so much will be detailed in this the first of what will be an ongoing series  to familiarize you with all of the incredible and beautiful Rocky Mount Parks, as well as other natural attractions across town.

Sunset Park

The first in our series on Rocky Mount Parks should come as no surprise to residents as any long time resident of the city can attest that at some point in their youth and their travels among the parks in Rocky Mount, they have waited on line to take their turn on the hand painted, wooden, carousel horses that are synonomous with Sunset Park. Referred to at the official Rocky Mount website as the “city’s main park,” the 25-acre, Sunset Park is located on Taylor Drive and River Drive beside the Tar River just off of Sunset Avenue.

The carousel itself, which for sure sets Sunset Park apart from the other Rocky Mount Parks, actually has quite a history of its own, as detailed at the city’s website. “The circa 1920 Herschell-Spillman “County Fair” style carousel was bought for the City of Rocky Mount in 1952 by the Rocky Mount Civitan Club.” It is then further explained that, “The Carousel was severely damaged in the flood of 1999 and required extensive restoration which was completed by Carousel Magic of Mansfield, Ohio. Renovated rounding boards were added to include paintings of images found on 1920’s postcards depicting Rocky Mount landmarks and activities of that time.”

In addition to the iconic carousel, Sunset is unique among the Rocky Mount Parks for a few other reasons as well. The obvious here would be the train, a miniature Model G-16 Train which was originally purchased for use at the park in 1952. It holds 36 passengers and travels at a speed of 8 miles an hour.

On top of these two rides, there is also a Spray Ground that was opened to help keep the kids cool on hot, summer days as well as on site consessions, offering popcorn, ivce cream, snow cones, and many other favorites of childhood that is sure to bring visitors down memory lane. The “main park” among the Rocky Mount Parks also boasts another “kiddie-go-round” type ride that all the youngsters enjoy and in addition has a disc golf course, two lighted basketball courts, a boat ramp, four picnic shelters, eleven lighted tennis courts with a backboard, and a little league baseball field.

Sunset Park is just one of the many Rocky Mount Parks that can help you to expand your “lifestyle redefined,” at Belmont Lake Preserve, and you’ll be pleased to know that this is just one of many outdoor living options that we will “walk through,” in this ongoing series.

In a continued effort to get the residents of Rocky Mount more familiar with its board members, and thus get all involved and on the same page with all of the new businesses and opportunities coming to town, the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to join on Thursday, September 13 at 5:30 pm them just minutes down the street from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve on the Rocky Mount Mills Campus, where they will be there to socialize with the public over a few refreshing beverages in a very casual setting as a part of their “Brews with the Board” meet and greet event.

This innovative and very casual Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce Event, at 1151 Fall Road in Rocky Mount, will give residents a chance to meet all of the board members in a setting that everyone can relate to. On top of introducing themselves and both the board members and residents getting a chance to know one another on a far more personal level, the Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce will also be happy to bring all of those on hand up to speed on the happenings, both recent and that will be coming in the future to all that are present.

For those planning to attend, all will meet for this Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce gathering at the Beer Garden beginning at 5:30 pm. To register and attend the “Brews with the Board” event or fore more information on this, visit the official Rocky Mount Chamber of Commerce site at web.rockymountchamber.org.


After a long, cold winter faded into the warmer months of Spring, it was just a matter of time before the warmth  of the summer sun came around. To many local residents, this means their favorite of all Downtown Rocky Mount Events, the Downtown Live concert series returns. This is just minutes from your new home at  Belmont Lake Preserve  in the heart of downtown Rocky Mount.

The schedule for the 2018 Downtown Live series has been released and it will feature no less than nine weeks of Downtown Rocky Mount Events. Beginning the week of May 24, and running through the week of September 18 these weekly concerts feature some great local talent.

These Downtown Rocky Mount Events take place every other Thursday during that time frame and as start at 6:00 pm. The Downtown Live concert series is held outside of the Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences building, at 270 Gay Street in Downtown Rocky Mount. There will be local food and beverage vendors on site at each of these Downtown Rocky Mount and you can bring your own lawn chairs to set up, as admission as always is free.

The remaining 2018 Downtown Live concert schedule is:

  • July 19: Jim Quick & the Coastline
  • August 2: The Main Event Band
  • August 16: The Entertainers
  • August 30: The Band of Oz
  • September 13: The Embers featuring Craig Woolard

For more information on the Downtown Live concert series and all the great upcoming Downtown Rocky Mount Events, visit downtownrockymount.com.

Best Places for Millennials in Nash County

The 2018 “Best of” Rankings from the “experts on safety and family living” at niche.com, has named the City of Rocky Mount the number one municipality among the Best Places for Millennials in Nash County.

Using their tried and true grading system to arrive at the annual listing of Best Places for Millennials in Nash County in 2018, Rocky Mount achieved the number one ranking out opf the five major municipalities they reviewed in their county-wide study.

The major factors given for being named the top city among Best Places for Millennials in Nash County in 2018, were several very crucial elements that millennials, and any new home owner would take into consideration before relocation. First and foremost in the items in favor of Rocky Mount was its diverse community, as well as being noted for a vast improvement over the past decade in being a family friendly environment to raise a family a great selection of entertainment options year round under the catergory “nightlife.”

In support of Rocky Mount’s ranking atop the list of Best Places for Millennials in Nash County in 2018, was a review submitted by a life long resident of the city, offering support and credibility to this honor.

“I’ve lived here from the time I was born and I love it,” the reviewer began. “Although we could have a better mall and more food options, its the perfect place to retire or raise a family. Everything you need is in one place. The review continued, saying, “There are great schools here and great people…I’d definitely consider raising a family here if a job presents itself by the time I graduate.”

For more information on the Best Places for Millennials in Nash County for 2018, and the full listing in greater detail, visit niche.com.


The bustling industry of craft beers across the state gained another boost from Rocky Mount Mills as it was recently announced that the venue will begin with its first “class,” consisting of several North Carolina Breweries joining a brewing incubator.

There will be four North Carolina Breweries sharing a refurbished, on site, 6,000 square foot shipping warehouse, and each will be able to produce up to 1,000 barrels annually and have a keg cooler featuring eight taps to serve their finished product from. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to take classes in the Nash Community College Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation program and be serving up their brews in a public beer garden.

The four North Carolina Breweries involved will be, Planetary Elixirs, HopFly Brewing Company, BDD Brewing Company and Bull Durham Beer Company. The Bull Durham Beer Company is already up and open for business, Planetary Elixirs will be soon bottling their product, and HopFly just “opened up shop,” on November 18. The fourth of the North Carolina Breweries involved, BDD Brewing Company is set to debut later this winter.

“Our inaugural class of brewers comes from all walks of life and bring with them different approaches, methods, and philosophies towards brewing,” says Sebastian Wolfrum, executive brewmaster of Rocky Mount Mills. “We see the spirit that built Rocky Mount Mills 200 ago, and that continues to make our community one of hard work and triumph in each of them. We’re looking forward to seeing and, more importantly, tasting what they have to offer.”

Great Places in North Carolina

The American Planning Association (APA) recently recognized the City of Rocky Mount and continued their revitalization and beautification efforts to downtown, which is just a few minutes from your new home at Belmont Lake Preserve, making them one of only six communities statewide to receive a Great Places in North Carolina award for Main Street.

The city’s efforts to add to the already beautiful and historic downtown area was the basis for their receiving of the Great Places in North Carolina recognition, as Rocky Mount was honored in the “Professional’s Category,” with Main Street being recognized with the 2016 “Great Main Street In-the-Making Award.”

This honor marks the first time that the city of Rocky Mount has been bestowed one of the prestigious Great Places in North Carolina awards, which first were handed out to municipalities by the American Planning Association in 2012. The APA spoke of the six communities (including Rocky Mount) in the announcement of this years’ winners on their website, stating, “These communities represent some of the best planning efforts in North Carolina, and serve as models for visioning, partnerships, and collaboration.” Rocky Mount was recognized and actually received the award at an event held this summer during “Town Hall Day,” which was held in Raleigh.

The Great Places in North Carolina program was initially created five years ago as a way to honor the great communities across the state and the hard working people who have gone above and beyond to make them even greater. The APA website further explains the program and their reason for starting the program, noting, “North Carolina is full of amazing places that make this state a wonderful place to live, bring important money and jobs into our economy, and keep our communities thriving. Many people work hard to create, sustain, and improve these places, including citizens, planners, business leaders, and elected officials. This is a chance for everyone to celebrate together!”

To read more about Rocky Mount’s Main Street gaining recognition and the Great Places in North Carolina program, visit apa-nc.org.