Best Fried Chicken in NC : Where to Find it and How its Served?


What can we say? In case you can’t tell, there is plenty of food in North Carolina. In this post,  we cover a true favorite. Since you made the move to your new home in Rocky Mount, we are sure you have heard many suggestions for the best food options. Likewise, you probably weren’t disappointed given all the great food options near BLP. However, when it comes to this, you can trust us, that below are tjhe spots for the Best Fried Chicken in NC.

We’ve all heard the term “southern fried chicken” and in North Carolina, that is a term not taken lightly. While these suggestions below are not in any particular order, we are sure that once you are to taste any of them you will understand why we’ve included them among where to get the Best Fried Chicken in NC.

(This is the first of a two-part article on places to get the Best Fried Chicken in NC. We will cover five locations in each post to arrive at our top 10 total entries.)

Best Fried Chicken in NC Served On, In, or With Some Extra Carbs!

We have no less than ten total entries from across the state to list for the Best Fried Chicken in NC. However, as you will see, while all of these are “to die for,” they each are unique in their own way and how they are made. For the first three entries, we have each served in a somewhat similar fashion, but with a different main partner.

Buxton Hall BBQ, Asheville

The unbelievably delicious buttermilk fried chicken from Buxton Hall BBQ in Asheville starts our list out. The most popular way this style of this location’s chicken is between a bun as a sandwich. Earning “Best Fried Chicken Sandwich of the Year” from Bon Appetit magazine, they prepare this sandwich with a hearty serving of pimento and American cheese, pickles, and a side of white BBQ sauce. If that right there doesn’t make you hungry, we aren’t sure what will.

Blue Ridge Biscuit Company, Asheville

Well, it’s safe to say that Asheville is home to some pretty darn good fried chicken. This is the second entry on our list and both places are in the same Western NC town. Another similarity between this and the first entry on our Best Fried Chicken in NC is they serve them with some type of bread. The big difference, however, is at Blue Ridge, your fried chicken comes between a delectable, homemade, fresh-made biscuit. As if that were not enough, this sandwich also gets the full smothering treatment in an amazing, homemade country-style gravy.

Dame’s Chicken and Waffles, Durham, and Greensboro

The next stop is Dame’s Chicken and Waffles. This place’s chicken is so good they had to open a second location!!! Regardless, both Durham and Greensboro are happy to have them. At Dame’s, they boast fried chicken cooked to absolute perfection on top of a homemade and perfectly fluffy waffle. Each gets its own flavor-infusion butter. Also, word is you’d be foolish to not have their mac-n-cheese as a side.

Legend and Lore Can’t Be Wrong: The Best Chicken in NC Search Continues

There may be no better advertising tool for a restaurant than knocking the socks off a customer with your delicious food. Once they’ve had an incredible experience, they are going to tell their friends, and want to come back. These next two entrants for our Best Fried Chicken in NC are both establishments that have been tops for years. Both are iconic to their own local area. Likewise, you will love every bite from the following “legend.”

Price’s Chicken Coop, Charlotte

Any local will tell you that while it may not look too fancy or big on “glitz and glam,” in Charlotte, Price’s fried chicken is king. From a humble, Southend of Charlotte neighborhood location, Price’s Chicken Coop has survived the growth and expansion of the city changing almost nothing what so ever. Just straight-up fried chicken goodness and by that we mean straight-up Best Fried Chicken in NC goodness since 1962.

The Best Fried Chicken in NC: Half Way Home!

We listed four of our eight selections for the Best Fried Chicken in NC above. The remaining five you will see in the second post in this two-part series. Whether on this list, or next editions, one thing you can be 100 percent sure of is each of these has some seriously amazing chicken. For any information on the Belmont Lake Preserve new home community. visit