The Best North Carolina Fried Chicken: “A Little Bit of Everything!”


Well, in our first post on the Best North Carolina Fried Chicken, we went through a couple of famous stops in the state. Likewise, we discussed several choices either on a bun or biscuit. In listing the next four selections we will take less of a “sandwich” type look and more of a peek at the “full meal” aspect of our chicken selection for our next five picks.

Now, don’t get us wrong, any of the places listed among our Best North Carolina Fried Chicken selections are going to “knock your socks” off. But, as we did note in our previous post, there is usually something that does set it apart or differ slightly from the pack. Thus, below, we have listed (and these nor the first 4 entries are in any particular order) our final four places for the best-fried chicken in the state.

Fancy, Not-so-Fancy, and With All the Fixin’s: The Best North Carolina Fried Chicken.

Beasley’s Chicken and Honey, Raleigh

Wanna talk about great fried chicken made how or served with whatever you like? Ok, then. let’s talk about the next restaurant on our Best North Carolina Fried Chicken listing. It’s Beasley’s Chicken and Honey in Raleigh and they believe in a little bit of everything.

So, you’d like fried chicken on a waffle? Ok, Beasley’s is the place. How about with an incredible mac-n-cheese on the side of that award-winning fried chicken? You got it, that would be. Beasley’s too! This Raleigh staple is so good it’s said the fried chicken “maintains its Southern roots, but also feels a bit fancy, without directly trying to!”

Slappy’s Chicken, Winston-Salem

Now, if someone could draw a picture of how and what a fried chicken restaurant should be. I see Slappy’s Chicken in Winston Salem. Not too fancy…actually not fancy at all. A humble location that sets the bar for any type of fried chicken around with its out of this world poultry.

Snappy does not only kill it with their dynamite chicken, however. As any local can confirm They also make an amazing mac-n-cheese, and slaw. But the true treat here is the secret Slappy’s Sauce that most slather their fried chicken with. It’s a little sweet, and a bit spicy, and you really have to try it.

Magnolia 23, Asheboro

Like many of the fine restaurants on our list, Magnolia 23 may be a bit unknown outside of its direct location area. However, if you were to bring this name up in Asheboro in regard to the Best North Carolina Fried Chicken you’d get 100 percent support.

Now we have to admit, many if not all of our suggestions for the Best North Carolina Fried Chicken also provide a true “down-home,” welcoming feeling and atmosphere. Magnolia 23 may be the best at providing this type of setting though. This due to their serving up your dinner “family-style” just like a Sunday night at grandma’s.

Mike’s Farm, Beulaville

Kind of ironic that after throughout this article and referring to the “good home” feeling, etc., that with our final stop we are in Beulaville and at Mike’s Farm. They also serve up their meals “family style,” which always brings back fond memories of home. Making Mike’s even more “down-home” is it actually sets on the family’s farm.

In concluding, we will turn to the description used at “Only in Your State.””There’s some kind of southern grandma voodoo magic in fried chicken and maybe that also has to do with the location.” The website’s blog continued, “The cracking grease, grandma with her shoes off cooking in the kitchen, grandpa at the table reading the paper, you…snapping green beans or helping cook collards.” To conclude, they added, “While it’s hard to recreate those moments, some restaurants get you pretty close.” 

The Best North Carolina Fried Chicken: It’s Kind of Important Here!

So, we’ve given you nine incredible options for you to make the call yourself. This is the second of two blog posts dedicated to the topic. Now all that remains is for you to try and make your own call on which is indeed the Best North Carolina Fried Chicken of them all. Sure, it may take a while before you can leave your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve to try all of these delicious options. However, now that NC is your home state, you will be quickly welcomed aboard.

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