The Best North Carolina State Parks: Beauty Meets History Parks


So, to this point, we have shown you the way toward ten of the Best North Carolina State Parks. Some are best known for hiking, others for cycling enthusiasts, and yet others for those looking to drop a canoe or kayak. With countless options and the most incredible scenery and natural beauty not only in NC but anywhere across the country, we will continue and list our final five entrants in this post.

Sticking to a statement that we have made since we began suggesting these serene and peaceful getaway options, there are way too many gorgeous parks in this state to list. But, in those we list below and our previous ten, we can guarantee satisfaction. Thus, since you are now in your new house in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake Preserve, and you are “never too far” from any of these spots….what are you waiting for? Seriously?!?!

Best North Carolina State Parks: Enjoy a Side of History with Your Sun-Soaked Beauty

The amazing thing about the 15 different Best North Carolina State Parks is how each of them has their own unique characteristics, making each a slightly different journey to visit. These final five parks are no different, as you will see with a few of our stops below.

Fort Macon State Park

Well, remember we made mention of adding a dash of history? Well, the next of our Best North Carolina State Parks is Fort Macon. This is an actual restored, original, historic Fort from the Civil War. Thus, of course you will enjoy the amazing view and the breathtaking beach located in this park. But you can also learn here all about the significant role and all that played out on this site during the historic times of war.

Dismal Swamp State Park

Whether we want to or not. Or whether it was our intention to, which it actually wasn’t. Next up among the Best North Carolina State Parks is another of those that is sure to be a favorite of those looking to enjoy a particular activity. In. this case, the park is Dismal Swamp State Park, and the activity is kayaking. This is an incredible 14,000-acresof winding and turning rivers surrounded by overgrown cypress trees along the shoreline.

Jordan Lake State Park

For this next stop on our voyage to the Best North Carolina state Parks, we again find ourselves in the Raleigh area and likewise, we have a bit of a historic, or at least a national tie in. To explain, this 13,900-acre park is the home of many of the rare “bald eagles.” This is also known as a great spot to drop a line in the water, kick back and do some fishing. But no matter, if you’re hoping to get a glimpse of the national bird, do some fishing, or just looking for some quiet down time this is a perfect daytrip.

South Mountains State Park

Ok, we are down to just this and one more Best North Carolina State Parks , and to be honest, dozens are deserving of a spot. However, we can’t go on forever, so for our next entry, we will just point the way to the steps you can climb up and see its gorgeous, 80- foot high waterfall. If that’s not your thing (how could that not be ?) you can hike to the many mountain peaks, lay out and catch some rays on the rocks beside the river, or just sit back , breathe deep and enjoy South Mountains State Park.

Get Out to the Best North Carolina State Parks…What are you Waiting For???

Well? What are you waiting for? We could revisit for more additions to the Best North Carolina State Parks every post and keep going for seemingly ever. If we did not touch on one of your favorites, we apologize, but do stand by our thinking that you will greatly enjoy and appreciate a trip to any of the 15 parks listed in our three-part series. So back to the original question…what are you waiting for?

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