Celebrating a Century of “Dog Days” in Eastern NC at Dick’s Hotdog Stand


It is not often that many things these days are built to last. Almost any product or good you can name has in some way been changed to be produced or manufactured in cheaper and faster methods to save on time and money in today’s fast-paced society. Well, one thing that has certainly shown it is “built to last,” as anyone in Eastern NC that has lived here in the past 100 years or so can attest is Dick’s Hotdog Stand. Being at your new home in Rocky Mount at Belmont Lake preserve, it is only a matter of time before the legend of this iconic stand was discovered. So, we figure we would just let you in on the secret early.

Dick’s Hotdog Stand is located at 1500 Nash Street North in Wilson, NC. It is only about a 25-mile ride out to visit this hot dog expert that literally served millions of hungry and happy customers. Still opened six days a week, (no Mondays) Dick’s serves up its classic dogs from 10:00 am until 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays-Fridays. Then on Saturdays, they open at 7:30 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. But for Sunday, it’s back to the usual 10 am-8pm daily grind.

2021 is the 100th Year of Hotdog Goodness

Yes, that is two zeroes. 100 years. A full century. Now, honestly, name me anything that has been functioning and successful for a full century? What does this tell us about Wilson’s Dicks Hotdog Stand? Well for one, and I am thinking not just locals, but countless travelers up and down I-95 can also probably attest, they have got one amazing hot dog.

Well, that is not exactly correct, see. Since Dicks Hotdog Stand opened for business in 1921, they do not have one fantastic hot dog. They have three. The varieties are as follows: 

  • Dick’s Famous Dog
  • The Cheese Dog
  • Super Dog

Now, there obviously are a number of toppings and such that go on one of Dicks Hotdog Stands amazing franks. You can get it just how you like. But, the Super Dog, which is a delicious quarter-pound dog is suggested as served “all the way.” Before you ask, that means with mustard, onion’s, and Dick’s famous chili.

Dicks Hotdog Stand and the Delicious Rest of its Menu

Wow, 100 years and nothing but hot dogs, amazing! Well, it hasn’t been all hot dogs. As a matter of fact, Dicks has a fantastic “50’s style drive-in ” menu. They. feature no less than six different types of burgers. Likewise, they make a variety of other sandwiches and subs. You can also get one of Dicks famous “plates.” These come in hamburger or cheeseburger steak, hot pork roast, chicken tenders, to name just a few. 

On top of the other sandwiches, you know they have to have some classic sides to go along with a 100-year tradition. You are not wrong in this assumption, as their fries, cheese fries, chili cheese fries, onion rings, slaw, and pickles are also the things of legend around these parts.

For more information on your new home community, Belmont Lake Preserve in Rocky Mount, visit belmontlakepreserve.com