Dinner Party, with a twist!

Welcome to 1950

At times, it’s enjoyable to have a dinner party with family or close friends. Preparing the food and setting up your table can be pretty time-consuming, but it can be gratifying when you get compliments on how everything looks.

However, let’s put a twist on it, who would you invite that is famous (living or dead) to your dinner party?

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball is the guest of honor, so you see it as your duty to find the most decadent foods imaginable. You go high-end with everything, and you prepare yourself for a night of indulgence and whimsy.

It was the 1950s, after all, and you were hosting a dinner, but it wasn’t your typical affair. This dinner party was to honor one of your favorite people in the world – Lucille Ball.

You wanted this night to be over-the-top lavish with an elegant menu that would delight everyone at the table. The week leading up to this event, you scoured menus from all over for just the perfect dishes that would show off what made Lucille so special. 


The first thing you will need to do is plan the party. Decide who you will invite and make a guest list. Also, think about how many courses you want to serve, remembering that each course takes time for preparation and that there should be about 2-3 dishes per course.

Next, start planning what foods you will serve at your dinner party.

Does it begin with what type of foods you want to help?

Will they be warm, cold, and how much time will you need to prepare.

Then consider the number of people that will be attending.

Are there any guests that may have allergies or need a vegetarian option?

This is especially important when thinking about appetizers, as you will have to tailor your selections to each person’s tastes.

You landed on four courses: some of Lucille Ball’s favorites and the perfect menu for the era, and let’s not forget her favorite cocktail, Marigritas.



The first course, oysters Rockefeller;

Second Course, Lobster Thermidor;

Third Course, Filet Mignon with béarnaise sauce;

Fourth Course, Cheese plate with grapes and figs alongside fruit.

Finally, start deciding how you are going to decorate your table. This can be very simple or more complex, depending on personal preference. You can use many things for decorating purposes, such as candles, flowers, fruit bowls, place cards, wine glasses, and candles. Most importantly, yellow roses, one of Lucy’s favorite flowers.

So, when that big day comes, make sure you have all of your preparations made. You can plan to cook a couple of dishes yourself and hire a caterer for the rest if you do not have enough time to prepare them yourself.

Review your guest list and finalize a seating arrangement that will work well with each person. Don’t forget to have fun!

Recorded Video

This dinner party was going to be different from others because before guests arrived, you would be filming them coming in; this was going to be part of your very own episode of “I Love Lucy.”

You laugh as you remember watching this show as a young girl, and your fandom had only grown after becoming an adult. It was the first thing you thought of when planning this dinner party because who wouldn’t want to have their own time with Lucy?

You also remember back at how much work it took to get everything planned. You had to make sure everything was perfect, from the menu to planning how you would film it all. It took weeks of planning and was quite the undertaking until you remembered an up-and-coming technology called recorded video. All your work could be filmed during this dinner party with little preparation on your part!

With recorded video, there was no more worrying about the timing of events. The whole dinner could be recorded from start to finish, and viewers would have a perfect idea of how it all played out. You were sure your guests would appreciate this as well since they wouldn’t need to rush through their meal either.

But the best part about the recorded video was that it could be rewatched as many times as people wanted. This was perfect for you because your memories of the night were hazy with so much excitement and joy, so it would be nice to go back and see everything again and show future generations your footage with Lucy.

I Heart Lucy!

“I Love Lucy” was a show that resonated with people, so much so that it continued to be shown even after the original run ended, and you have seen multiple re-runs.

The show was about two women who wanted nothing more than to be in show business, and now that you were planning a dinner party with its star, it made sense that this technology was the perfect fit.

Lucille Ball was considered a television pioneer because of her commitment to doing physical comedy, something that most women weren’t supposed to do at the time.

For most people involved in “I Love Lucy,” it wasn’t just another job; it was an adventure full of love and laughter. You hoped your dinner party would capture some of that same magic.

For the success of a dinner party, preparation is the key!

Make sure you plan out everything before your big day and have a lot of fun, and take a minute and say who would I have famous at my dinner party?