January is Here! What you need to know for Winter Maintenance

January is here! Well almost! As they say, “it will be here before you know it.”

Prepare yourself now to make sure you properly maintain your car. With these simple tools, staying safe is easy when you know what to do during the winter.

Winter Preparation Check List Tools You Need To Get Going!

One thing you’ll want if you live anywhere with real winters is an ice scraper.

If you can’t get your car into a garage and scrape it off, then you’ll need to put the ice scraper in your trunk. You should keep one of these on hand at all times for quick use, and I think that is an excellent tip to even have here in parts of North Carolina.

Another tool is a snow brush. This will come in handy if there happens to be a blizzard condition or if you are just caught out in a heavy snowfall while you’re out driving around. The snow brush can help with clearing off the windshield so that it doesn’t slow down your visibility as much – especially since most people now have automatic windshield wipers anyway.

If those two tools don’t cut it, then you may need a heavy-duty scraper. This is common for those who live in places that regularly receive lots of snowfall throughout the wintertime. As with the ice scraper, it’s essential to keep this in the trunk since there is no time to be fumbling around for it when it starts snowing.

If winter travel still isn’t your thing and you park on the street, then you’ll need salt or other de-icing chemicals. This way, if there happens to be a bit of precipitation before you wake up or after work, then at least you won’t have to worry about slipping all over the place as you walk out of your car.

Emergency Kits

As for car-related tools that are necessary during winter, everyone should have an emergency kit.

Even if it just contains flares, blankets, water, snacks, chapsticks, hand sanitizers, having them could save someone’s life. All sorts of accidents happen more often during the winter because of the harsh conditions. So having a complete emergency kit in your trunk is ideal.

It would help if you also kept extra clothes and boots. It’s common to have unexpected roadside breakdowns, so having an extra pair of socks, pants, coat, and shoes for everyone in your car can save you from being miserable when you’re stranded outside during a snowstorm or winter-related weather incident. If there are minor children involved, then it’ll be even more necessary to have them prepared with warm clothing too!

Winter maintenance checklist car at Edmunds

Hanging-out locally

If you’re new around town, be sure to find out where the snowplows are at your local municipality. This way, if it does snow while you aren’t prepared, you will be able to move your car and not get a ticket.

Never drive unless you have to. So, if you are the only car on the road, then chances are it might be too slippery or iced over. Please wait until it melts before getting behind the wheel!

Be sure that your snow tires are in good condition, and check out online reviews for new ones before purchasing them.

So, if there appears to be a lot of snow or slush on the roadways, it is advisable to have chains, and this is especially true if you have 4-wheel drive and can handle the increased weight on your vehicle.

Be sure your windshield wiper blades are in good condition. Just a little smudge can fog up your window real quick and become a safety hazard. It can also be challenging to see when it’s icy, so make sure everything is cleaned correctly!

The critical thing to remember about winter car maintenance is that if you don’t take care of your car now, the consequences might worsen later. To us, sometimes this task may seem like a hassle, but it will most likely save money, time, and a few headaches in the long run!

Outside your Home

Many people tend to forget about their porch in terms of house tools that you may need during wintertime. In particular, they need to make sure that any stairs leading up to the porch are either shoveled or clean enough where people won’t slip walking on them.

In addition to the stairs, you should also have a snow shovel. This way, if it’s snowing while someone is coming over, then they can quickly help by clearing off your porch and steps themselves. It may not be expected from guests, but it’s always better than having them arrive at an icy entrance!

So, in the end, and the most important statement is that no matter where you live or how cold or warm it may end up getting during wintertime, everyone needs to remember to be safe!

Many accidents happen because of poor visibility in storms, engines freezing up, and even tire blow-outs. Be prepared for every scenario possible so that staying safe becomes second nature.