2020 Home Design Trends: What is “Real,” What is “Fake,” and More!


This is the third and final installment in our series on what is “in” and what’s “out” in the world of Home Design Trends for 2020. Thus far, we have look at tends moving away from traditional looks and some bold colors taking over in certain rooms of the house.

In this our final post of the series, we look at Home Design Trends that favor “fake” over “real,” and vice versa. Additionally, our other two trends in this article will deal with a pair of “f’s,” flooring and fires.

(#1) 2020 Home Design Trends 

What’s In: Real Plants

The upkeep of real marble is so time consuming that most in 2020 are opting for a “faux” marble instead.

 Just as we advertise above, the first trend we look at in this post is one that gives a vote for “the real thing.” While in many cases in the past, it is not too strange to see fake plants, the most recent Home Design Trends are “going greener,” in a real way. 

The addition of nice, real indoor plants is a great way to add a layer and personal feel to your living spaces. It also brings a touch of “outdoors” right into your home.

What’s Out: Fake or Faux Plants

No matter how you say it, “fake or faux” one of our Home Design Trends seeing a decline in 2020 is plants that are not real.

Many feel that although the “imposter” plants look nice, the character that comes with an organically grown plant is missing from these. Not to mention, who wants to “dust” a plant. The move from fake to real, in this case, is a good one in our estimation.

(#2) 2020 Home Design Trends 

What’s In: Fire Bowls for Patios, Decks, or the Yard

This is first in any of our three posts that take our Home Design Trends outside of our home. Yes, it’s counterpart that is on the “out’s” is also an outdoor trend. Likewise, both play into creating a space to relax around a fire.

The fire bowl is a sculpture piece of art for your patio, deck, or yard. Whether they are a gas-fired bowl or one using wood, they are simple to use and install and provide the serenity of the classic “backyard” fire.

What’s Out: Resin Fire Coffee Tables

If you read that name, “Resin Fire Coffee Tables,” you may be uncertain what exactly this piece is. But basically, it is the long rectangular “fire tables” that we have seen in many yards and landscapes the past few years.

The long design and either the coals or wood serving as part of the lighting this type table are pretty impractical to begin with. Add in the fact that they are losing popularity and that they’ve always been messy, and this is why “fire bowls” are taking over.

(#3) 2020 Home Design Trends 

What’s In: Terrazzo Flooring

For those who are unfamiliar, terrazzo flooring is one that finds chips of marble mixed into concrete based flooring. It was the flooring of choice in the mid-20th century for airports, schools, and almost any public building. Slowly, in the past few years, it has garnered more and more popularity among Home Design Trends. Now, in 2020 its popularity is reaching heights where it cannot be ignored. 

Terrazzo flooring has its roots from its time of invention in Venice. It was then that odd-shaped marble pieces in all colors and shapes made this rise in popularity. Once again, the time has come to see flooring become a “work of art” as a result of this style’s return.

What’s Out: Concrete Flooring

Well, this one was pretty predictable given the “In” counterpart above. ger is the cold and flat of concrete as desirable, especially with more style in other Home Design Trends for flooring coming to the forefront.

Sure, concrete flooring was “all the rage” in the 1990s. However, the 1990s are a few decades in our rearview mirror at this point. Likewise, so are the plain, concrete floors.

(#4) 2020 Home Design Trends 

What’s In: “Faux” Marble

We told you in the title of this our last post of three focusing on Home Design Trends that “fake” would” topple “real.” Well, whether you prefer “fake” or” Faux,” the porcelain or man-made materials that look like marble are officially in.

Why you might ask is “Faux” Marble seeing such a rise in 2020? Well, for starters, there is far less upkeep with your countertops with the “faux” as opposed to the real stone being used. Also, the price difference is significant in the favor of the “faux” materials, and in many cases, it can come out looking just as nice.

What’s Out: Real Marble

Well, if you have been following our three-post series, you probably could have guessed where this was going. The polar opposite of the current Home Design Trends regarding plants, in the case of marble, it is the real stuff that is out and the “faux” that has become the choice.

Yes, real marble is undeniably beautiful, but as we mention above, the upkeep is considerable. The work to avoid the inevitable staining or scratching of real marble is more than most are willing or wanting to undertake. Plus, the similarities between the “real deal” and its substitutions are so close, many cannot even tell a difference outside of price.

This is the final of our three-part series detailing the “ins” and “outs” of Home Design Trends in 2020. As you look to add a splash of personality or go bolder than you have before in building a new home this year, we hope that the ideas and trends shown are ones that were of interest. If not, hopefully they at least gave you a few good directions to head in for your build or remodel.

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