Home Interior Trends: More of 2020’s “In’s” and “Outs”

We move in this post to our second of three articles in this series. As in the case of our first post, we will not only detail the most popular Home Interior Trends of the year. Besides, we will also speak of a trend similar to ours posted that is seeing a decline in its popularity, too.

That being said, we will again take a look at four Home Interior Trends that are seeing a lot of requests in 2020. Likewise, we will advise you on another four trends on the way “out.”

(#1) 2020 Home Interior Trends 

What’s In: Bold and Colorful Monochromatic Schemes

To clarify, a “monochromatic” color scheme is one that uses only one color. That being said, it has not been uncommon in the past to see a monochromatic scheme. However, in 2020’s Home Interior Trends, the colors have seemed to get bolder than ever.

That’s right, this “ain’t your grandma’s” monochromatic color schemes among our 2020 Home Interior Trends. This year is seeing bold and daring colors like cobalt and other dark blues and even Kelly green.

What’s Out: Pale-Colored Monochromatics

Well, if you read our first Home Interior Trends post, it will come as no surprise this is “what’s out.” As the above “what’s in” explains, a bolder and more eye-catching color is increasing in popularity. 

Thus, the pale and less bold monochromatic schemes are seeing a decline in popularity. It simply appears that people are choosing exciting over safe and this is one way they are injecting some personality into their home.

(#2) 2020 Home Interior Trends 

What’s In: Inside Doors Being Painted Dark or Colors

It looks as though we may have another “pattern” developing here in this post. However, while each of the posts may have painting in common, they certainly are each individually unique Home Interior Trends.

The interior of a door being painted in any color certainly adds both warmth and character to a room. Much with the bolder monochromatics above, these doors are a great way to show a touch of personality.

What’s Out: White, Standard Doors and Trim

This was once the most popular of trends for interior doors and trim. However, as we are seeing, in 2020 popular Home Interior Trends are taking a turn to the bold.

This is certainly not to say that there aren’t many homes with white trim and interior doors. However, there is an upswing in using the interior door to make a statement that isn’t made when it’s white.

(#3) 2020 Home Interior Trends 

What’s In: Earth Tones

Another of our 2020 Home Interior Trends and another addition of paint in a somewhat bold presentation. Actually, it appears a move to the “bold” may be the direction that color in all forms is taking on in the 2020 new home. In this case, you could say new homeowners are “heating” them up.

So, if not full-on “heating” the colors up, there is no disputing they are getting “warmer.” Living and dining room walls are seeing a surge of chocolate brown, olive green, and yellow ochre and most are loving how it looks.

What’s Out: Cool Tones

Well, “cool tones, just like “white doors,” and “pale one-color schemes,” for the time being, it has been nice knowing you”! Not to sound like a broken record (or to make a dated reference like a record player), but 2020 and Home Interior Trends are using color to make a statement.

Undeniably, people are finding areas in their new homes that previously were nice, but safe, color-wise. This change has put the greens, blues, and yellows we talk of ahead of a gray or a real light blue. It is no question a turn from the institutional feel to one that lets the personality shine through.

(#4) 2020 Home Interior Trends 

What’s In: “Washing” a Room in a Single Paint Color

In case there was any “suspense,” make it four-for-four with an increase to boldness in each entry. Similar, but not quite as bold as the “monochromatic” scheme among these Home Interior Trends, the “wash” is seeing an equal rise in popularity.

No, the colors are not necessarily jumping out and grabbing you by the throat like the “Monochromatics.” However, to coat and include the walls, ceiling, and tri all in the same color has a pretty cool flow to it. No wonder new homeowners are becoming more and more about the “wash.”

What’s Out: Accent Walls

Well, maybe not as predictable as our first three “outs” of the day. However, the “one color wash” is gaining momentum among new owners. Thus, accent walls would be somewhat given to be on the decline among Home Interior Trends.

Admittedly, there are some very nice-looking white interior trim and doors. I can’t say personally that I “hate” the accent wall. However, this series is looking at Home Interior Trends for 2020. In the “boldly colored” world that this appears to be, the choice is to “go bold and go whole,” using color for everything.

This is the second of a three-part series on Home Interior Trends for 2020. The first post in this series sort of saw new homeowners leaning away from” tradition.” That is not completely the case in this our second post, however we are for sure seeing a departure from pale colors. Bold and “washing” an entire room with one color is becoming increasingly popular. The brightness is even finding its way to interior doors in 2020. Regardless of what you identify with, it seems there is a movement for “personality” through the use of color. So, no matter how you slice it, bold, pale, or anywhere in between, personality in. anew home is always a good thing.

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