More of The Most Scenic Hikes in North Carolina Are Waiting for You


Whereas our first three entries were the closest to your new home in Rocky Mount, these next three are also reasonable for a day trip. As you may recall in our first post, each destination was under 200 miles from your new home in Rocky Mount. While slightly further of a trek, each of the following three trips are equally as awesome a view and reinvigorating of a trail that are well worth the time spent. An early departure from Belmont Lake Preserve will have you in awe at the amazing outdoor views and surroundings at any of these three Scenic Hikes in North Carolina with the whole day at your disposal to enjoy.

Following this second post, we will next take a “peak” at a few more of the most Scenic Hikes in North Carolina. Those will be ones that may take a bit more planning to get to. However, as with each of these inspiring and incredible paths we list, each view is an experience all its own.

The Most Scenic Hikes in North Carolina Under 300 Miles from BLP

Erwin’s View Trail- Linville Falls 

This is the number one favorite of all Scenic Hikes in North Carolina in the eyes of many experienced trail goers. Erwin’s View Trail, estimated at 1.5 miles in length, takes you past not one, but three incredible lookout points of Linville Falls. The majestic forests that surround this trail will leave you speechless. Erwin’s View is also one of the most photographed trails anywhere in the Eastern U.S.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 277 miles

Crabtree Falls Loop Trail- Grassy Creek, NC

This well-known entry among our Scenic Hikes in North Carolina is the perfect trek for an early afternoon or late morning start. It is not the easiest hike on our list, but this invigorating 2.5-mile trail is worth the extra effort. Starting at milepost number 339.5 along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and hence the name, this trail loops around beautiful Crabtree Falls.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 295 miles

Old Mitchell Trail- Mount Mitchell

Many offer up a dare upon your arrival to the next of our top Scenic Hikes in North Carolina. The hike is Old Mitchell Trail. The dare is to hike up to the top of Mount Mitchell, rather than driving. The hilly and serene trail only goes for four miles. Each mile along the way brings a changing ecosystem that must truly be seen to appreciate. Many outdoors experts feel this to be the most spectacular and scenic hike of under-five miles in the entire state.

Distance from Belmont Lake Preserve: 299 miles

Our Final Three Scenic Hikes in North Carolina…Are Not Much Further Away

The next and final of our three post series on Scenic Hikes in North Carolina will once again be just a bit further from your home at Belmont Lake Preserve. Unlike this post, where the range was to almost one hundred miles further, the final three are all under 50 miles from the ones in this post. As we explain throughout, you are lucky to be in such a great, centralized location at BLP, to have access to the amazing natural sights of one of the country’s most beautiful states. With just a bit of planning ahead, on your own schedule, the serenity of these amazing outdoor destinations is waiting to be admired.

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